“What is something I can practice right now, today?”

Drop the “why” in your life and the incessant desire to extract meaning out of everything. Just for a day treat everything as preordained no matter how uncomfortable, and stop feeding the impulse to formulate and construct answers for your perceived problems. Let’s practice starving this intense urge to involve our self so personally in the mind/body phenomenon of our lives.

-Atreya Thomas

“Come on Atreya. What is the truth. What’s everyone’s problem?”

lol, ok. The truth is we just do not feel safe. We truly believe “perhaps I am not taken care of.” Even the best childhood validates this notion as we all experience trauma on some level. We are seeking unconditional love now as a result, from what we call the Self, God, Universe, Love etc. We were all ripped from the womb of infinity; and we simply just want our mother.

-Atreya Thomas

Find Your Expression

No one wakes up in the morning and says “I’m going to be mediocre today.” Only the fearless become great. Great at what? Great at being yourself and expressing your uniqueness/talents; animated by your devotion to Grace. Stand completely and utterly alone, and you will find your expression which is love pushing through you.

-Atreya Thomas

*Video* The Evolution of Seeking

The diverse teachings all point to different parts of this evolution. The first part: seek yourself in things. Create an identity, a persona and be someone in this life. Defend and prop up this me. The second, stop seeking your life in things as this is the cause for suffering and inquire into the source of things. Third, once a glimpse is caught of the Absolute, then seek that to the exclusion of all other things. Fourth, once absorbed into the absolute and exclusive identity is erased, one senses them self in all things, times and places. Then one seeks to drop back into their humanity, re-inherit the personality and explode from the center.


“Why do you say to seek; and when does it end?”

You intuit eternity within yourself but it very much remains abstract; so doubt persists. We must seek to validate 100% the inner oracle or Resident Guru in one’s heart which becomes you; by exclusive devotion to it. The length of seeking is determined by your predisposition to trust with just a glimpse into the Self, or if insecurities keep the aspirant doubting. One should seek until all doubts are cleared and the full light of God is revealed; which forever blinds the seeker to the illusions of this world.

-Atreya Thomas