Atreya Thomas: Awakening into a Complete Human Being

“Atreya shares with us a very practical guide for awakening in ordinary life. His language and examples are down-to-earth and draw upon his own life experience. He gives us both a clear map and step-by-step practices that are easily accessible and extremely helpful. This book will educate, inspire, and delight you.”
~ Loch Kelly, author of Shift Into Freedom: The Science and Practice of Open-Hearted Awareness


Authentic Love

The beginning of freedom starts with the revelation that we are not responsible for the quality of our thoughts. Whether they are extraordinary or absolutely hideous; thoughts in and of themselves are hollow and quite devoid of any power over us. Rather, much of our internal struggles are concerned with manipulating, coercing, judging, retaining and resisting them. Let mind business be mind business and not your business. Then, all your energy will start to gather in the heart which will then dethrone the mind and replace it with authentic love.

-Atreya Thomas

“What is your proof that a Final Cause exists, bestows Grace, and should be worshiped and surrendered to?”

Action implies intelligence and there is no argument to refute that. As we watch the trees move we infer the wind moving them, though it remains unseen. All scripture from every religion refers to an intelligent principle and we know that action springs from intelligence alone. The world is then followed back to its Creator and judging from its immensity, its power must be immeasurable. This power must then be able to sustain and give life to its own creations. Therefore, worship and surrender every aspect of yourself to it to gain its favor in the form of Divine Grace.

-Atreya Thomas

Emptiness Becomes Weight

The desire and intense impulse for reassurance and validation inhibits the hearts expression. It is only in the 11th hour that Grace strikes like lightning and we are stripped of all mental security and emotional crutches. Therefore, let us surrender our secret desire to be heard, recognized and propped up by others. There, emptiness becomes weight and breaks the back of ego forever.

-Atreya Thomas

Grace becomes us in the absence of the “me”

Life is not about creating problems and then spending all our energy trying to solve them. Or we set up spiritual shop and try to solve other people’s problems, perhaps inadvertently giving them clout. Can you imagine? We do not need to imagine; this is what we do: live almost exclusively in our imagination by chasing desires, recognition, or some ideal of love and personal fulfillment. Whether that is in the name of spirituality or not. Reality is too simple, empty and indifferent for such a problematic mind. This is why love is so rare because it is only in the absence of the “me” that Grace becomes us.

-Atreya Thomas

Life is Essentially Empty

The truth is we would rather feel anxious, make problems, and seek negative attention like little children, because life in essence is empty. Or we move towards the positive and justify being the “Creator” and secretly seek recognition as a spiritual teacher in the name of “our birth right to be happy.” We create complex ideologies about union of this and that and prop ourselves up as the bearer of some special knowledge or gift to give to others; so prey on the bottom feeders of spirituality who are looking to others for answers. We cannot accept the simple fact that life is essentially empty, boring, indifferent, and devoid of meaning. So we create meaning in order to fill this aching void that presses to consume everything we hold dear.

-Atreya Thomas