Question: Atreya, what is true love. Thanks!

There is love as a definition as this or that, like and dislike, attachment and dependence. This love is always exclusive because it chooses to love some things and reject others. This love is circumstantial and is vulnerable to fluctuation-I love you today but tomorrow I do not love you anymore. I love my country and religion, but do not love yours etc.

The love we “know” is always dependent on this “I love and I do not love,” and there is a separate entity who is going to choose.

Can this really be love? Separation, partiality?

Under these conditions: love is this puny thing that can be pushed around, manipulated, controlled, raised up or thrown to the waste. Is love just another form that grows and decays, is here and then lost? According to the accepted definition; clearly the answer is yes. People would say, “Yes, this is the love I know.”

It is possible that this is not Love at all. Maybe Love is complete without a second of differentiation. Where there is no entity that chooses, but only a vessel that is completely empty therefore filled with this extraordinary intensity that is Concept Free Presence. Explore deeply and ponder over this definition of Love:

When all concepts disappear and the body remains alert and intense, Love is the residual expression through it.