“I was extremely surprised and delighted to see just how beautifully and deeply Atreya Thomas has merged the transcendent with the human in his teaching. Surprised because very few spiritual teachers or authors are able to pull it off. Many tend towards one or the other without seeing and merging both perspectives. His teaching and books get richer and richer the deeper you dive in, including things one rarely sees in modern awakening teachings like teachings on food, guilt, addiction and a myriad of other human emotions and experiences. He does all this while never losing sight of awakening as the central theme. He actually gives you a map to awakening through your human form. Highly, very highly recommended!” -Scott Kiloby Author of: The Unfindable Inquiry: One Simple Tool to Overcome Feelings of Unworthiness and Find Inner Peace 

“It has been such a pleasure becoming friends with Atreya, a genuinely sweet, sincere and open hearted man who has, in his own unique way, realized the truth of how the human experience is an integral pathway to realizing spiritual freedom. These days we need the light more than ever, and I’m so glad Atreya has joined the ranks of those of us in service helping others on the path of not only realizing their essential nature, but finding out how to live it fully in the world.” –Jon Bernie Author of Ordinary Freedom

“Atreya Thomas is sharing a fresh spiritual perspective that sees the importance of transcendent awakening, but also sees the necessity of embodying that awakening in the world.” –Francis Bennett Author of I Am That I Am