Atreya Thomas: *Video* It is Exploding Out of Us


Stop Having a Relationship With Your Trauma

Do not impose your human experience on your relationship with divinity. In other words, we experience trauma, mistrust, people deceive us as children and adults etc because our humanity is not perfect. So we naturally learn to become guarded; perhaps rightfully so. The problem is we impose those experiences on our relationship with the Universe which is perfect. So our faith, trust, and surrender to the one thing that will never deceive us becomes jeopardized. Today we stop this my friends.

-Atreya Thomas

The Earth is Filled With it’s Glory

Where can you go where consciousness is not? Even if one claimed such a place exists, there would have to be consciousness to witness non-consciousness. This consciousness is the Holy Source and genesis for all that exists. Therefore, fall into an exclusive relationship with That because It can never leave you as it is present in all things, times and places. Form a devotion, a love so sacred, so secret and close to your heart; that It becomes You.

~~Atreya Thomas~~