The Prism of Humanity

The beauty of a rainbow is its diversity of colors, yet together they are all pure light. Likewise when pure awareness passes through the prism of humanity it creates the beauty of your unique personality. Yet, in essence it is only the One.

-Atreya Thomas

February Satsang with Atreya Thomas

Feb. 25th 2017
-Maplewood, NJ “Awakening into a Complete Human Being” Satsang with Atreya Thomas 2-4 PM
at Shakti Yoga 1861 Springfield Ave A, Maplewood, NJ 07040
$25 at the door. $20 pre-register at

Feb 26th 2017
–Philadelphia, PA “Refining the Ego in the Fire of Grace.” Satsang with Atreya Thomas 10-20$ donation 7-9 PM
5926 Drexel Rd. Philadelphia, PA 19131

Give up the Doubt

The entire universe is held in place by a power that we intuit to be real. Surely our life is included in this, and at some point we are going to have to accept this force as sovereign. Give up the doubt my friends and the false thinking that peace and harmony means a pain-free and comfortable existence with no place for the spectrum of our humanity.

-Atreya Thomas