Emptiness Becomes Weight

The desire and intense impulse for reassurance and validation inhibits the hearts expression. It is only in the 11th hour that Grace strikes like lightning and we are stripped of all mental security and emotional crutches. Therefore, let us surrender our secret desire to be heard, recognized and propped up by others. There, emptiness becomes weight and breaks the back of ego forever.

-Atreya Thomas

Day Long Intensive with Atreya Thomas



Please join us for this day long workshop in Arizona “Awakening into a Complete Human Being”

This is a special day long intensive with Atreya Thomas. Together, we will look at what it means to transcend our humanity, and what it means to embody that transcendence in every day life. This will be an intimate setting with practices, Q&A, and a guided meditation. There will be periodic breaks and time to reflect.

45$ cash at the door

Hosted by Tracy Harrick RscP.
for questions please contact Traceyh1984@gmail.com

West Valley Center for Spiritual Living
9745 W Peoria Ave, Peoria, Arizona 85345

10AM-5PM August 5, 2017

“What is something I can practice right now, today?”

Drop the “why” in your life and the incessant desire to extract meaning out of everything. Just for a day treat everything as preordained no matter how uncomfortable, and stop feeding the impulse to formulate and construct answers for your perceived problems. Let’s practice starving this intense urge to involve our self so personally in the mind/body phenomenon of our lives.

-Atreya Thomas

“Come on Atreya. What is the truth. What’s everyone’s problem?”

lol, ok. The truth is we just do not feel safe. We truly believe “perhaps I am not taken care of.” Even the best childhood validates this notion as we all experience trauma on some level. We are seeking unconditional love now as a result, from what we call the Self, God, Universe, Love etc. We were all ripped from the womb of infinity; and we simply just want our mother.

-Atreya Thomas