The Impenetrable Fortress Within

Peace does not mean comfort. Rather, a discovery of the Impenetrable Fortress Within that exists in spite of mind/body conditions.

This does not mean the denial of mind/body phenomenon. On the contrary, it means a final release of the obsession to control them. A surrender so profound, all that is left is a living vessel brimming with the glow of the Unknown.

A Complete Human Being

Be a complete human being.

All that means is to meet yourself completely and wholly every moment.

This does not mean try and understand.

Rather, be the whole moment whatever it is, without any differentiation or fragmentation.

Be the totality of humanity and allow for it. Yet, stay away from being anything exclusive.

Then, whatever you come in contact with whether it is anger, fear, depression, anxiety,

shame and guilt, you meet so fully and completely; that it becomes integrated as Love.