It is normal to base our gratitude on mind/body conditions as we come into this life completely identified with these two modes of existence. As we reach and begin to get a glimpse of the Source, gratitude begins to evolve into a deep love relationship and appreciation for the breath of grace that flows through us and is felt in the midst of all human conditions whether painful or pleasurable. Therefore, deliberately seek to foster that personal relationship with God until it becomes you.

-Atreya Thomas

The Power That Preserves

When has life ever betrayed you? If you look back and recapitulate your life, surely even the most horrible things and injustices are revealed to have given birth to great revelation, deeper understanding, and healing in peripheral parts of your life and in others. It is also quite clear that it was always the mind and its fears, un-acceptance, desires, judgments, ideas of what should be and what shouldn’t be, that has endlessly betrayed you. It is time to let it go and rest all activity on the Supreme Presence that everlastingly preserves life; and is incapable of abandoning your highest interest.

-Atreya Thomas

Feed the Fire

There is no shortage of fuel once it is realized that it is our own desires, opinions, and demands which feed the fire of grace. Therefore, surrender every thought and sensation to the Living Moment and set ablaze this house built on sand.

-Atreya Thomas


Grace is what fills the cup once you have emptied it. It is the animating principle, the Holy Spirit, the breath of God. It is the Self ever present but unseen to the mind, though made visible upon the cessation of egocentric will. Once you get a glimpse, you will naturally want to seek that to the exclusion of all other things, as it is felt and intuited to be the balancing factor in all of life, and the inspiration for all that is good.

-Atreya Thomas

Step Into Your Life

All the grace that is needed for self-realization is right there within your closest relationships. Try for just a day to believe that meeting your daily life completely and with profound surrender is the highest spiritual practice; not anything outside of that.

-Atreya Thomas

Question: What is the relationship between humility and grace; and what role does it play in enlightenment?

Humility is to allow the “me” to be humiliated without a single movement towards preserving it. This persona takes up a tremendous amount of space in our lives as most energy is directed into the perpetuation of my desires, my fears, my acquisition of pleasure, my demands, my anger, my status, my anxiety, my beliefs and expectations, my security-my life.

When one begins to inquire: who am I in spite of this entity that masquerades as my first name, they begin to see that this illusory “me” is an imaginary figure that is requiring all one’s vitality to animate and preserve. The act of turning away from this persona and “witnessing your own death,” is humility. This opens up a tremendous space which then allows for grace.

Grace is the actual movement from the conceptual-self to the Non-Conceptual Self; the breaking down of identity in form, and the revelation or enlightenment of one’s Eternal Nature.