Give Yourself a Break

Take time to release responsibility for the quality of your thoughts. Let them be; let them come, and let them go on their own volition. Do not judge and micromanage your humanity. There is pain, pleasure, and everything in between. Self realization does not mean the absence of this spectrum of human experience, but rather a surrender so profound that our humanity is allowed to exist along side our divinity.

-Atreya Thomas

Wanderer….Come Home.

Come home my friends. Turn towards your Inner Beloved, your peace, your stillness that has been validated by your searching and that you know exists now. Bring it all with you. The pain, fear, anxiety, and whatever else you’re trying to get rid of. Your Beloved is waiting and has always been here anticipating your return the whole time. Surrender the impulse to wander in the details of your life and profoundly trust that you are taken care of in the house of your own heart.

-Atreya Thomas

Come to the Front of Your Body

Most of you have had a glimpse of your eternal nature and now know it to be real; this peace and beauty that surpasses mind based explanation. It has been validated to you, as it is not just a concept or something a teacher has talked about but you feel it in your bones. Incarnate your life now and come back to the front of your body while holding dear in your heart the experience of this beloved. Dive deep into the ocean of humanity knowing you are forever tethered to this awakening that can never leave you. Prove you trust this anchor and go all in while letting your very life be a testimony in faith and humility.

We transcend the “I am a body and mind” notion by intense devotion to the abstract lord. There, we find the unchanging bliss that exists in spite of the body/mind. The second awakening is awakening back into the body and illuminating our humanity. This is coming back to the front of the body after transcending it. What good is enlightenment if you do not bring that light to the darkest corners of human consciousness.

-Atreya Thomas

Come Alive

Personality is not problematic. It is when it stands alone as a seemingly separate entity divorced from its source that it becomes egocentric and mischief ensues. Therefore, the source must be sought first to the exclusion of all other endeavors in order to marry the ego with its maker and then personality becomes an expression that is clean, pure and devoid of self-centered intent. In other words, wear your life fully and offer it to Love every second of every moment until it polishes you so completely that this “me” becomes translucent, which allows for loves light to express itself through it unobstructed.

-Atreya Thomas

It was Always You

Do not carry the world on your shoulders, balance the world on your shoulders. Hold a galaxy in the palm of your hand; bring rain where it is dry and light where it is dark.¬†Give yourself over to peace and love so completely that you become the balancing principle in the material and mental world. It was always you….it was always You.

-Atreya Thomas


Duality is the dynamic aspect of the non-dual, or Final Cause. Inseparable, like the mirror and its images. Yet the former remains unchanged and the latter stays in a constant state of flux.

If you try to love all things you will come up short. Rather, fall in love with the source of all things and you will see your Beloved in the midst of all human activity and emotion. From the most pleasurable to the most painful. In deep anxiety and in deep joy.

Unless a seeker is able to live a normal life and credit all phenomenon to the Final Cause it can’t be said that the supreme goal is reached.