The Joy Inside Our Tears

Love loves us through a sunrise, a rainstorm, a hug from a child, a panic attack. The entire spectrum of our humanity and its experiences is a single holy embrace and a nod of reassurance. Here judgment is lost forever. This, I am sure of my friend.

-Atreya Thomas


Do it Your Way

Live it well my friends and do it your way. You have no obligation to the inner mental rhetoric and the pressures of outer life; either to fix, change, go along, or manipulate them. Let them be and give them space. All the while creating a secret plan to carry out what you really love to do in life, finding your unique talents and expressing them in spite of mind/body conditions. In other words, stand alone and dive into the wellspring of your own heart!

-Atreya Thomas

Give Yourself a Break

Take time to release responsibility for the quality of your thoughts. Let them be; let them come, and let them go on their own volition. Do not judge and micromanage your humanity. There is pain, pleasure, and everything in between. Self realization does not mean the absence of this spectrum of human experience, but rather a surrender so profound that our humanity is allowed to exist along side our divinity.

-Atreya Thomas

Wanderer….Come Home.

Come home my friends. Turn towards your Inner Beloved, your peace, your stillness that has been validated by your searching and that you know exists now. Bring it all with you. The pain, fear, anxiety, and whatever else you’re trying to get rid of. Your Beloved is waiting and has always been here anticipating your return the whole time. Surrender the impulse to wander in the details of your life and profoundly trust that you are taken care of in the house of your own heart.

-Atreya Thomas

Come to the Front of Your Body

Most of you have had a glimpse of your eternal nature and now know it to be real; this peace and beauty that surpasses mind based explanation. It has been validated to you, as it is not just a concept or something a teacher has talked about but you feel it in your bones. Incarnate your life now and come back to the front of your body while holding dear in your heart the experience of this beloved. Dive deep into the ocean of humanity knowing you are forever tethered to this awakening that can never leave you. Prove you trust this anchor and go all in while letting your very life be a testimony in faith and humility.

We transcend the “I am a body and mind” notion by intense devotion to the abstract lord. There, we find the unchanging bliss that exists in spite of the body/mind. The second awakening is awakening back into the body and illuminating our humanity. This is coming back to the front of the body after transcending it. What good is enlightenment if you do not bring that light to the darkest corners of human consciousness.

-Atreya Thomas