Why should I awaken?

“What is the point of awakening if we are just going to return to our bodies with the same old problems and ordinary life?”

Perhaps for many, the idea of awakening has always been a subtle desire to escape from the human condition with all its mental and physical discomforts, uncertainties, boredom, ordinariness, and lack of fulfillment and sense of purpose. But can a problem really be understood from a distance, or must we come in direct intimate contact with it in order to understand its nature? There are problems in our humanity and no sensitive person would deny that. Awakening is an awakening to the inherent balancing principle that resides in the human heart. It is this grace alone that is capable of solving all our problems. Therefore, seek That to the exclusion of all other things to obtain the master key.

-Atreya Thomas


Devotional Love is All That Matters

As awakening deepens and we begin to come back to the front of our body after transcendence, life becomes ordinary again and our personality comes to greet us. At that point, you may see all your old problems, traumas etc; but we also see the Source shining within all things. Perhaps fears come back, anxieties, and old predispositions. This is only right because that’s part of our unique human experience. Don’t waste time and energy trying to deconstruct these things or hide them, but embody these attributes fully and offer all of it to your personal transcendental discovery in loving devotion; then watch Grace do the rest.

-Atreya Thomas

Reflect Duality by Staying Fixed in Non-dual Awareness

God can be understood through two modes: Dual and non-dual. The former is the concrete aspect of God which manifests as the opposites and is perceived through the senses as this and that. The latter is Abstract Intelligence which is free from objectivity and is experienced as concept free consciousness. These two are not mutually exclusive, but are like the mirror and its images. They are inseparable, yet awareness reflects whole universes and remains eternally unblemished while holding in its ether the entire spectrum of humanity.

-Atreya Thomas (with Jonah)

me and jonah

“You said that you had anger issues in one of your videos. What did you do to help that; what advice can you give me please?”

The cure for anger is the Grace of the Divine Mother. Make a list of the women in your life and begin to foster these relationships and take a “mental knee” before them. Recapitulate your relationships and reach out and apologize even if it was many years ago. Daughters, mothers, grandmothers, and friends; look to them with great humility and respect. Perhaps, Her Majesty will descend upon you and that quality will start to become you.

-Atreya Thomas

After a Series of Awakenings….

After a series of intense awakening experiences, I returned to the inner city I grew up in (specifically the alternative school I went to as a kid that I was thrown out of 15 years earlier) to speak in front of the children there; which was more like a day prison than a school. At the end I hugged them and a few cried, and the teachers panicked saying “do you know these kids do you know these kids, You must know them. Why are they crying! What did you do?“ Those kids were considered the worst of the worst. I said “they know love,” and I winked at this scrawny little white kid who reminded me so much of me when I was a student there; and he gave me the most beautiful smile. I knew in that moment that my hard childhood was not a mistake; even if it was all for this one encounter.

-Atreya Thomas

“You speak of unconditional joy. Where is the joy when you find out your child is dead, or you have cancer?”

Joy does not mean pain-free. Nor does it mean the absence of intense sorrow. Joy is not a feeling that replaces other feelings. Joy Is the residual reality that is always present once one has actually seen the face of God. The experience is so overwhelming and impressive that it never leaves you regardless of mental and physical circumstances. Therefore, seek God with every shred of your being first and foremost. How? By going about your business and letting your outer life go on, while crying out to Grace internally every moment of every day.

-Atreya Thomas

True Spiritual Freedom

Perhaps freedom in the end isn’t freedom “from” but freedom “to be” a complete human being. In other words, freedom to experience the entire spectrum of humanity while remaining rooted and plugged-in to the Grace discovered through our intense seeking. Therefore, seek first the Final Cause of All by prostrating yourself at the foot of the Nonverbal Lord. Then come back into your life and rest as a servant in That and as That.

-Atreya Thomas