Time to get Serious

Recognize that you are an ego and do not pretend to have wings by using non-duality jargon. Start with the truth and be honest: You feel separated and are not rock solid about your relationship to death. We oscillate between feeling sure and feeling completely uncertain according to mind/body conditions. Therefore if you are ready, get serious about reconciling your relationship with the unknown; which is God, which is life, and has the power alone to reveal the secrets of the cosmos. If you feel this is for you, it is time to put all your chips in and say this aloud:

I am not here to stand but to kneel.
I am not here to be fulfilled but emptied.
I am not here to begin but to end.
I am not here to gain but to lose.
I am not here to take but to serve:
You can have me.


One thought on “Time to get Serious

  1. I appreciate your sentiment, and for me, actually, the process of awakening has left me devoid of the fear I once had of death. This “victory over death” is actually just the victory over fear, which is about the unknown becoming known-something that cannot be done through a physically sensate being locked in the realm of the five senses.


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