Refining the Ego in the Fire of Grace


The ego does die, but it is not what many think. The caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, dies to his old form and can never go back to being a caterpillar. Yet, if you look closely, the main body of it still retains its caterpillar form. Recognize that you are an ego and do not pretend to have wings by using non-duality jargon. You intuit the source within; now offer yourself in deep surrender as ego incarnate to the fire of grace. It is this fire which burns away all that is exclusive and leaves in its place a refined personality under the sole sovereignty of God, which makes the will of the individual the will of the One. Hence, it stands that there is still a “me” and a “father” that are one.

-Atreya Thomas


One thought on “Refining the Ego in the Fire of Grace

  1. I guess we each have our own phases and paces to go through to reach a higher level of understanding. Though I also believe that the ego may transform, it doesn’t ever truly die, so the caterpillar in a new form as the butterfly is a perfect analogy for this metamorphosis. I also believe the Ego is part of us (albeit often overstated), and is essential for without it society would not be able to exist…


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