A Love We Are Willing to Die For

Every one of you have already sensed that inner stillness before; a sense of un-explainable peace even for a small time. Know that to be your Beloved, you don’t need convincing. Now objectify it. Love it worship it, talk to it, write to it, and fall deeply in love with it. Eventually you will merge with it as the gap closes due to your loving devotion.
Surrender and trust it so profoundly that there is a place in your heart for all of your human interactions, feelings, irritations, etc. Because you are no longer obsessed with the details but are profoundly in love with the source of the details; which inadvertently includes them. This reassures you that you can confront the darkest parts of your humanity because your willing to die for It. Like the devotion and love that makes a parent willing to die for their child.

-Atreya Thomas


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