Something Greater Than Yourself

Have you ever earnestly asked: what is the cause for all this? There is an “I” that has no clue whatsoever the reason for any of this. Just stop, look, and listen. You will begin to notice there is something present greater than yourself. With intense curiosity gaze into this abyss as its gravity starts to pull you closer. Surrender to it, talk to it, worship it, ask for its favor and prove your commitment to It. By doing so, you are bowing down to the creator of the cosmos and the very source of grace; which becomes you.

-Atreya Thomas


2 thoughts on “Something Greater Than Yourself

  1. What a blessing! I was writing this in my journal “Its happening so beautifully. I just need to stay in it, continue to be that awareness. I am seeing how the addiction tend to savour the likable and stay away from unlikable. So that push and pull continues but actually absolutely nothing belongs to me, the awareness, at all. Listening to radio was so enjoyable by the person who will react to something that it doesn’t like. All non-sense of sense, affect on senses explored and expanded by thought whereas the effect of senses should pass through body without mind taking control of it and colouring it in its own conceptual colour. Sense itself becomes non-sense as soon as grabbed by thought because then thought gives it a colour and expands it, uses it or corrects it etc.”
    that I received the above message in email and it provoked so much humility and further love to surrender. Thank you Atreya.

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