How do I know if I am being earnest, or if it is just spiritual ego?

It is all ego when there is still an “I” that wants to know and feels separate. Nevertheless, this is a natural part of the path easily verified in all children. So it is a question of what position is the ego taking? Does it seek to add to itself in the name of spirituality and enhance a character as this or that, a sense of exclusiveness, more spiritual, a teacher; and secretly wishes for the recognition and accolades that come with it? Or is it positioning itself in earnest reverence to mature at the foot of its maker so that it is made fit for service? Therefore it is not about getting rid of ego but rather discovering its holy purpose: to offer itself in profound surrender and devotion so that it may undergo a metamorphosis, be emptied and resurrected as divinity in human form.

-Atreya Thomas


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