Question: Do we have any control over our experiences or are we watching a divine script?

Consider a parent and a child: The parent gives the feeling to the child that they have many choices, but in actuality every choice was created by the parent who is in complete control. The child is under the illusion of free will, in that there appears to be many independent choices. Nevertheless, each option was already decided for him and is only meant for their growth-some harsh and some soft. Some to teach the individual and some to teach the whole of mankind-some to allow pain some to allow pleasure. The individual chooses their path according to their own temperament and predispositions.

In the end, every choice leads to the dissolution of the “me” or ego, and acts as a catalyst to reveal The One Observer of Phenomenon; either through pain that leads to surrender, or self-knowledge that leads to an “aha.” Hence, breaking down the sense of individuality or “me;” and re-emerging as the identity of the One Eternal Cause that abides in all things, times and places.

The script is Reality, which there is only One. The pace which all doubts are satisfied and the illusion of diversity is removed; is determined by the intensity which one turns inward.



3 thoughts on “Question: Do we have any control over our experiences or are we watching a divine script?

  1. Yes! It appears as if we have a choice, but when we look closer there is always only one way…We have no real control of our interests, the energy that draws us to something, it is flowing through us.


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