Question: Atreya. What happens when you die?

Who is this “I” that dies? Clearly when we think of death, we think of the body as lifeless and devoid of a thinking mind. So it is two-fold: a body and a mind. But who is this “I” that says, “I have a body and a mind, and I can see that they die?” There is a third here, an awareness that is present in spite of mind-body. There are many notions about what happens when you die; these ideas are mind based, hence can only exist while there is a mind present- but we want to find out what happens when the mind dies.

So, for the devotee who wishes to discover death; they must give up both the mind and the body by staying fixed in non-conceptual awareness. In other words, to be aware without driving the mind towards any object either conceptual or physical, while allowing them to exist unimpeded.

The prerequisite is that one earnestly and relentlessly seeks the strength to willing give up the impulse to grasp the objects of the mind as they arise. My desires, my demands and dreams, my hopes, my family, my wealth, my status, my religion, and my ideology-the mechanism that demands preservation of an exclusive “me.” When this exclusive entity drops away, identification with the body goes also.

Then, you will find out what happens when “you” die. This experience is brought down by grace alone which is equivalent to one’s devotion. One must even give up the concept of giving up this or that. This state is Intense Un-manifested Awareness, Death, or God.


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