Question: Why does there seem to be so many different teachings, spiritual paths etc.? What puts a seeker on the path and what determines the uniqueness?

What makes up the trajectory for the different teachings and modes of learning on the spiritual path is the movement from the outer to the inner. What acts as a catalyst to start one on the path, is the experience of conflict. This conflict is often first seen outwardly among things, people, relationships etc. when we are young. As one keeps on looking it is revealed that this conflict is also manifesting inwardly and serves as the cause for the outer.

There is a sense of urgency that fuels a person once one sees the immensity of this conflict. From here, one may ask is it possible to be free of conflict internally, while navigating an outer world where pain seems like the norm. Thus, the spiritual seeker is born.

This starts to draw the aspirant inward. This journey from the outer to the inner most center, makes up the innumerable parts of the path and manifests according to an individual’s personal predispositions. These dispositions are what create the diversity of temperaments, and serve as the obstructions that guard the gate to Grace. Nevertheless, these temperaments are not unique as they are a result of the collective human consciousness, and manifest individually as ego.


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