Question: I saw your interview. How is a possible to have all the responsibilities of having a family and being a boss and parent etc., and having the obvious awareness you do? It is both inspiring and unbelievable! I to live that life and want awakening. Any advice?

We primarily derive our happiness from outer sense experience and spend much time chasing it, preserving it, and pushing away what is deemed undesirable. This is why it seems so difficult to awaken while there is so much activity going on. It is because we are caught in this web of building up, protecting, preserving me: My job, my opinions, my way of doing things, my respect, my security, etc. That is where our energy is going. Preservation is our primary experience.

Awakening is to come in contact with the revelation of: Who am I in spite of all this mind/body activity? This does not mean interfering with the actions that are easily done. You do the laundry and it does not require thought. Often though, it is “why do I have to pick up after everyone, why don’t they help, no one appreciates me, I do not feel like cooking, cleaning etc.” This is why it seems impossible because you are resisting the mechanical aspect of life.

The physical world is made up of patterns and naturally wants to create a routine. It also breaks down and creates new patterns. All that outward phenomenon is quite mechanical and requires very little thought. When learning something new like a language or a new task on the job; this requires a bit of concentration but not that personal “me” that rejects/accepts, and creates conflict and strife.

Once routine patterns are established, they have their own momentum and require little to no thought; and a householder life is filled with routine patterns. Let your thoughts then be based in inquiry: Who am I in spite of all this activity? Seek the Source internally while allowing the physical to go on unobstructed. The stillness of that impending question,  will let you meet challenging situations with the clearest optimal energy.

Slowly, your primary experience will be an internal devotion, while all that responsibility becomes your secondary experience and goes on seemingly by itself. The intensity of your devotion to inner seeking, and devotion to allowing the outer to go on unimpeded, will determine pace.



One thought on “Question: I saw your interview. How is a possible to have all the responsibilities of having a family and being a boss and parent etc., and having the obvious awareness you do? It is both inspiring and unbelievable! I to live that life and want awakening. Any advice?

  1. This always amazes me, someone asking for an awakening, it makes me cringe. I am reminded of my experience and how I wished/prayed/cried/begged (there’s more), it away. I wanted nothing to do with what was going on inside of me. In some ways it was very similar to your experience Atreya. I thought that I was losing my mind and in some ways I did. I thank God for allowing me to keep some of it!

    Having always been a dreamer it seemed during that period when my life shifted that my dreams became more and more of a reality. I couldn’t escape what was happening to me mentally and spiritually in the dream state. There were nights I wished I never closed my eyes and then there were nights when I wished I could dream forever. And vice versa for the daytime. There was one thing that was constant, which was that I would lose my sanity if I didn’t believe in a power greater than myself and I choose to believe in God/Jesus. No one outside of me could help me and I say that with both fear and reverence.

    For me the awakening happened by asking questions and some demands even: Who am I? What is this life about? Where are you God? What is the truth? Show me your face God. Where is your hand in my life God?

    The bible is a powerful tool and it comforted me and at times, it seemed, to hinder me. I don’t believe the bible word for word, but I do believe that the bible was instrumental in my awakening. I use to doubt the God/Jesus of my grandparents until nothing else worked; I resorted to him at a time when I believed that my sanity was on the line. I called out for Jesus both literally and figuratively. I believe in Jesus now because of my shift. He showed up for me and helped me through my awakening. I have God/Jesus to thank for being presence through this experience. For all of you who may think that there were requirement’s for Jesus showing up for me, the answer is no. I don’t believe in the bible in its entirety nor do I attend church. I am neither Christian nor Baptist.

    Believe in SOMETHING greater than yourself, I implore you.

    If you really make having an awakening a fervent desire and allow it to consume you just as much as your every day tasks of taking care of your family and maintaining your business you will be in for a shift that may have you questioning your very existence.

    Asking for a shift in so many ways is equivalent to asking for both evil and good. The blessing is that know matter which path you take God, Jesus, Allah, Universe, etc., it is my belief that you will be confronted with the truth and the responsibility of sharing that truth with the world.

    Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened for you.

    Namaste -W38

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