Question: It still seems impossible to know myself in spite of the body. Why?

We “know” the world through our senses. Our senses belong to the body. It is not surprising that we “think” we are the body. Everything we know is in relationship to the senses. My spouse, my money, my job. You would have no concept about your spouse if you never seen, heard or felt them. When you think of your spouse you think of all the memories you have had through your senses. What they look like, their voice, the texture of their skin, how they think and react, etc. Body’s interacting with bodies-senses interacting with senses.

The reason it seems impossible to discover yourself is because you are still trying to “know your self” through sensational experience. You want to feel it, see it, hear it-experience it. This is impossible, because your True Self is the animator of the body and mind. It is like a lamp wandering around aimlessly illuminating everything looking for the source of the light. You are It!

Do not procrastinate. Discard the illuminated details and remain inward by rooting up your exclusive interest in mind/body activity by surrending your desire to preserve and fulfill the “me,” that is obssessed with forms (conceptual and physical).

Do whatever you need to do that life presents to you. Let that be mind and body business. While at the same time staying fixed in the notion “that all things are preordained.” Therefore, none of my business. Which is an act of complete sacrifice that pulls down the grace that allows for actual contact with the reality “who am I in spite of thought and body sensations?”


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