What is the purpose of spiritual seeking?

To reconcile the relationship between the known and the unknown. The transient and the eternal. The guru and disciple. The frown and the smile. The male and female. Life and Death. Matter and spirit.

These seemingly opposite qualities of life are perceived as having distinct and separate causes; giving them a sense of exclusiveness which puts them in natural conflict. This relationship of opposites cannot be reconciled through mediation, compromise, or “give and take.”

The purpose of the seeker is to come in contact with the Cause for both. Which is the Great Reconciliator.

With great perseverance the seeker must surrender every form of internal and external phenomenon to the inquiry: Who am I in spite of these thoughts and sensations?  What is unchanging amongst all this flux? If there is a Final Cause for All, it should be present right now! I will sit and just look with relentless perseverance!

There must be a strong abiding laser like intent that is willing to die for that answer.


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