Sometimes, I feel like a prisoner in this body. It just seems like how I feel is not my decision. Why?

So long as there is attachment to the body (or identification with body responses), there will be a sense of bondage. As long as you perceive yourself as different from the boundless, you will always be bound. Know yourself apart from all concepts. In the end, this also includes what you think you know about yourself. The truth is, you cannot know yourself; you can only be yourself in spite of all that exists. One of the greatest misconceptions is that knowledge is not a delusion. This revelation comes in deep stillness.

You must strive with relentless perseverance to touch the Source of all things; while shunning its details. What is body business is body business and what is mind business is mind business, leave them be. Let those activities be secondary and with all the energy you can muster bend your intention towards the Primary Source of All; which will then integrate the details without illuminating them exclusively.

Body experiences will then be your secondary experience, and the unconditioned ether that contains them will then become your primary reality.


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