Question: I am really struggling with the idea when teachers say “there is no doer.” It does not make sense to me. I am always making efforts in my life! Can you help?

Most are experiencing mind/body phenomenon as their primary experience. We have occasional flashes of unmodified consciousness in between thoughts and body sensations. These flashes are secondary experiences and are normally overlooked.

If we live primarily in the waking state (body) and the dream state (mind), then every experience feels personal, we have a vested interest in outcomes, and there is a strong compulsion to preserve. Life feels like an effort.

When the exclusive me dies into the ground or Final Cause, the diverse mind/body experiences become secondary and unmodified consciousness becomes the primary experience. Action goes on in the waking and dream state with unnoticeable effort. For example, when you drive home from work you do not think about “make a left, stop, go, etc.” You may be thinking about something totally unrelated. Yet, you arrive at home.

When a teacher talks about there is no doer, they are referring to an aspirant who has completely lost any sense of identity as their primary condition. Their primary experience is a very different experience internally while allowing outer action to go on uninterrupted as a mechanical phenomenon (mainly ego and body) as a secondary experience.

This allows for complete integration because when the mind is permanently sunk into the unmodified state, it allows for all diversities to go on unimpeded because the unconditioned state is never modified by mind/body conditions. Like the images in the mirror not effecting the mirror itself; yet they are inseparable. Therefore, mind/body phenomenon is not an obstacle to uninvolved effortless bliss.


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