Question: What is required for enlightenment; is there a secret?

The secret is this: Rearranging your conceptual self (ego) to look a certain way, no matter how ugly you think it is, is not required for enlightenment. When you reside as the great perceiver, you have no real connection to your first name and all the phenomena associated with it. Whether you see your name as representative of a killer or a saint, it makes no difference to the unblemished observer, which remains always unaffected and slowly starves the dispositions by non identification with the exclusive me.

This is the “witness stage” or where seeking ends and learning begins….

What is required next is an intense aversion towards seeking experiences through the senses and the fulfillment of thought, or dispassion. This attracts the appropriate teaching or association with the learned. Then, a dedicated study and an earnest effort to validate for oneself coupled with an intense devotion, love, and complete surrender towards a concrete aspect of the Final Cause, bestows her grace upon the seeker. In turn, the seeker dies into the ground or Final Cause becoming That; which is all things simultaneously yet nothing exclusively: Allowing for the ordinary to continue on the surface without the sense of an exclusive doer; because even the most mundane tasks are done while sunk in the bliss of the Final Cause!


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