Question: What is the method you suggest to achieve the highest truth?

Devotion is the prerequisite and stillness is the method. Through that stillness one brings the sum of their energy to call down grace which removes the veil.

This stillness can be described as a deliberate use of will to surrender the will. From here, all one’s energy that was fragmented and distributed into characteristics of the me, sense based seeking, self-maintenance, etc.; reassembles in the heart and explodes from the center.

How is one to do that?

What do you want? Is the secret of death what you really want? Or do you want That but at the same time some of your energy is still attached to the preservation of some aspect of “my life?”

Therefore, a very rare type of devotion is required for what you ask. Sit in a quiet place and ask yourself and decide: What is the ONE thing I am willing to give up all other things for? This question will help you see where your devotion already lies.

You need the total sum of all the energy not 99.99%. It requires the whole thing to bring down the grace that is required to pierce the veil.


4 thoughts on “Question: What is the method you suggest to achieve the highest truth?

  1. Truth is truth, not necessarily highest or lowest, just truth. My method? Be ever aware and conscious in all words and deeds. Deliberately make choices that put me alignment with my inner being.


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