I feel like I am always forced to act in this life. People, job etc. are constantly pulling me in. It’s annoying and I feel I cannot practice turning inward. Can you clear this up for me? Thanks.

As long as you are embodied; action is always taking place even if you think you are doing nothing. The very nature of form is that it is in a constant state of flux-cells and elements both being broken down and reformed simultaneously.

Action cannot be avoided, hence your resistance to Reality creates annoyance. On the other hand, when action is pursued in order to achieve an exclusive sense experience; this leads to the formation of an exclusive “me” which then excludes that which is deemed “not me.” This gives birth to the play of opposites or the duality that creates conflict, strife, protecting mine and resisting what falls outside that bubble.

Therefore, with great perseverance treat all that comes to you as preordained and do not seek an exclusive result from action. Rather, do all action with an intense sense of sacrifice by strengthening your faith that the One Final Cause or Lord is present in all things, times and places; and let every action be a sacrifice to That. Here, you are turning inward in the midst of outer conditions. Then the “exclusive me” will dissolve into action without resistance; and That will become you.


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