Come back to the Front of Your Body

Spiritual awakening no matter how vast or transcendent does not end when the seeking ends. The Unchanging Awareness is discovered, and one realizes them self as the Absolute which pervades all things, people and places equally. The question then becomes: How far do you want to go? In other words, how far do you want to come back to “the front of your body,” and now live in the transient as a husband, father, wife, teacher, friend etc., while devoted to loving and connecting with your Self in all things, people and places; from the killer to the saint?

Once you discover what you have been desperately seeking is your Self, now you must learn how to surrender into That in all manifestations of the Absolute.

What good is enlightenment if one is not devoted to bring that light into every single aspect of life? If the Final Cause which is You, is present equally from the most horrendous to the most sublime; it behooves the awakened to surrender the last shreds of individuality that still seeks to marginalize any aspect of common ordinary life.

As people begin to awaken on a mass scale, it will be everyday people; not just an isolated seeker somewhere in a cave. They will be doctors, parents, and teachers, the guy at 7-11, husbands and wives.

It will be the awakening in common people that will bring about a fundamental shift in society; as the awakened learn to bring their Infinity to the front of their body.


3 thoughts on “Come back to the Front of Your Body

  1. A mother of a two year old and a wife enjoying your posts very much!

    Great BATGAP interview. Me and my honey listened together and some parts brought us to tears as we can relate.

    Keep on keeping on my friend. Looking forward to reading about your latest explorations.


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