How would you define spiritual awakening and how do I achieve it?

Awakening can be defined as a fundamental transformation or death of the exclusive “me” that has its identity in “I am the body and mind,” to a non-exclusive awareness that simultaneously sees itself in all things, times and places without a second of differentiation.

Just like the sunlight does not need to be achieved as it is there ever shining, awakening is your true nature and does not need to be achieved. What does need to be achieved and does take effort is the removal of the curtain that obstructs the sunlight.

The only prerequisite for this removal is an earnest and unwavering devotion to discover something that is eternal, everlasting, complementary to all, unchanging, and final. This unwavering devotion brings down the grace which removes the first veil and reveals the “witness.” Or the famous end of seeking stage. This is meditation with the eyes closed.

There is a second awakening that is much rarer:

Only the few go any further and the prerequisite is an unfathomable devotion towards and love for The One Final Cause or Supreme Resident that is intuited but remains elusive. The energy that was once seeking now transforms into intense devotion to realize oneself in all things, times and places as a permanent reality.

This is meditation with the eyes open. Now they prepare themselves by purifying the mind and strengthening the nervous system so to unite with their Great Beloved. This Supreme Cause chooses the devotee because the devotee has chosen It. When the final embrace is experienced, even the sense of “I” vanishes. Here, even the observer or witness is lost and the whole entity is lit ablaze; and the final shreds of an exclusive me are destroyed.



2 thoughts on “How would you define spiritual awakening and how do I achieve it?

  1. Hi Atreya, well said….we can today all go on a path of our own that shows that which we are already, simply by choosing; and thus create a whole new uncharted path to lead us forward. We need only guide our attention in this direction, again and again when our mind may wander due to the everyday, and thus reveal without obstruction….our awakened self…..Blessings to you, Barbara xxxxx

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  2. You describe it so exquisitely, Atreya.

    “The level of intensity and relentless perseverance determines pace.” In my experience, this means intense and relentless pure intention, not working too hard for it. Because many think that it is in the striving or struggling too hard to “achieve” it is what makes it happen, but then, like happiness, if you chase after it, it all the more keeps its distance. Awakening is not something to struggle hard for to “obtain” as it’s already there, built-in in everyone. The veil can be removed through pure intense intent.

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