How did you become enlightened? More specifically, what type of spiritual practices helped lead you there?

First, enlightenment is not something you become because that would imply that it is something that is not present right now but can be acquired sometime in the future. Surely, what is gained can be lost therefore not worth pursuing. Enlightenment is your true nature, and as long as you exist; enlightenment is here: You are That and can never not be That.

The question becomes which practices remove the false notion that I am  not enlightenment?

Here is the situation: You have a body and a mind. Who has a body and mind? You. The awareness that sees these two. That is Your True Self and is always enlightened.

So the challenge is: Can I remain as this awareness in spite of whatever phenomenon takes place within the mind and body?

You think you are not enlightened because you believe your mind and body have to “look” enlightened–quiet, peaceful, pain and anxiety free, etc.

So, if it is the awareness that is enlightened; then what difference does it make what is going on with the mind and body? As the Observer, you have absolutely no connection to mind/body phenomenon whatsoever-what you see, touch, feel, hear, taste/smell, and think. ENLIGHTENMENT IS NOT DEPENDENT ON MIND/BODY CONDITIONS.

So the question evolves into: Why do I continually get involved with the activities of the mind (thoughts) and body (sensations)?

It is because you still identify with certain components of your “life.” In other words, seek experiences through the mind and body through relationship to a job, a wife, money, pleasure, your dog, etc. Until there is a total and complete annihilation of the mechanism that creates this exclusiveness (namely ego as your first name) the Absolute cannot be revealed. You cannot take any aspect of the “me” or ego and conjoin it with The Unaffected Witness. Otherwise, it would not be the Eternal due to the admixture of ego.

These couple paragraphs are the practice of inquiry that points back to the Observer of the inquiry itself.


One thought on “How did you become enlightened? More specifically, what type of spiritual practices helped lead you there?

  1. True, you describe the process. But it might help readers (if only for a bit of inspiration!) if you also describe how this process unfolded in your own life – for there certainly IS a very special moment when you realise that you are more than just body/mind: that you are THAT. How did that moment of realisation occur to you? Thanks in advance for sharing your own experience.


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