Question: Why Haven’t I changed? I want enlightenment so bad!

It’s not about changing your humanity into something else but rather knowing yourself as the essence of humanity; and discovering ultimately that you are the totality of humanity yet none of it exclusively.

Just like a sculpted piece of clay. The sculpture appears unique with qualities and attributes; but in essence it always was and will always be just clay, regardless of the form it takes. The expression needs the clay but the clay is not dependent on being sculpted. At the same time they cannot be separated. So we can conclude that the clay is the expression and “not” the expression simultaneously.

Therefore, enlightenment is to realize your simultaneous dual and non-dual nature as only One.

Change always implies duality-“this” is going to change into “that.” In other words, “I am not enlightened until my eternal clay nature looks and is sculpted into a specific expression that I deem to be enlightenment.” Rather, every expression is the transient dualistic dynamic aspect of the Non-Dual Eternal; regardless of how ugly or painful; or “ego filled.”

Therefore, you haven’t reconciled this conflict of duality because there actually is no duality to be reconciled. There is only one reality, the clay in spite of the form it takes. In the same way, all the diverse, dualistic, and conflicting attributes of having a body and a mind; are just transient sculptures made up of your unchanging essence and cannot be separated.

In this way, dualism does not oppose oneness; because the sum of all the dualistic expressions equals the One, from the killer to the saint.

So then, who am I in spite of the innumerable body and mind expressions? Should always be pursued until grace destroys the illusion of an exclusive me that must choose, rearrange and sculpt “my” enlightenment.

In Love and Joy,

Atreya Thomas


2 thoughts on “Question: Why Haven’t I changed? I want enlightenment so bad!

  1. It’s interesting that I find many who, like myself, feel freedom in unity with other people living lives with as little ego as we can, yet, we are unable to feel this freedom when we are not surrounded by others, (except for brief moments). It seems there needs to be a balance of unity and solitude for many, if not most. I suppose these long retreats of solitude, undertaken by some, are an attempt to break this comfort of unity with other humans and to find the eternal spirit/comforter within.

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