A good day to die

The end of spiritual seeking is like coming to a door that reads: “What you are looking for is beyond this door. Once you enter, there is no turning back. You must leave everything you like, dislike, family, friends, mental positions, desires, expectations, and religion-the entire field of the known. Even that body-and everything associated with your name.” And at the same time it doesn’t mean mentally rejecting the things in my life.

That is why it stands that one must be willing to die for it, and reject all that stands between you and that door.

There are many teachings or maps that show the way to this door. Unfortunately, most retire to becoming experts and worshippers of the map. They stand around the entrance hoping to lead others through it, but do not step through it themselves.

As millions gather and find solace with the known; one must stand completely alone and willing to leave the group behind. Who will come forth, who is willing to die for it?

Those who profit from the fear of the unknown; the map sellers? Those who create a congregation and say you can do that later, for now stay here. Those who say someone has already done that for you and you’re not worthy?

The answer to “Who am I in spite of thought and body?” is on the other side of that door. Let this question be a relentless mantra in the mind and you will find yourself at that threshold.

In Love,

Atreya Thomas


7 thoughts on “A good day to die

  1. I think that going through the door is a one way trip too, and I guess those not wanting to pass through yet still want to experience life a little longer. I personally don’t see any rush, since forever is a long time.

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    1. They say “life is too short” not because forever is not long enough. But rather because we are all moving towards the same truth whether we know it or not. So, its not really the question of the final destination, its just a question of how long. The sooner we learn to accept what Atreya says here, the faster our journey will be…:)

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  2. Incidentally, “Today is a good day to die” always reminds me of Crazy Horse’s speech before the Battle of the Little Big Horn. I guess he knew how to put ideas into action.


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