Is it possible to be perfect?

Perfection is the illumination of objects without their conceptualization. In other words, the complete perception of “things” without imposing a concept on them. Just as pure light when passing through a prism fragments into many colors; pure consciousness passes through the mind and body creating innumerable thoughts and sense perceptions as well as the corresponding objects.

The truth is, even though fragmented; pure light is pure light regardless of what color or form it appears as. Understanding this, one realizes that there is only perfection; and imperfection is due to the false notion that each color is separate with its own individual cause apart from pure light. Thought and body sensations should also be viewed as such:

Perfect and total consciousness passing through the filter of mind-body prism.

Realize there is only One Light-One You; and your worst shade is as perfect as your brightest color.



3 thoughts on “Is it possible to be perfect?

  1. Thanks Atreya…I smiled as I read this and I LOVED the last sentence with your worst shade is as perfect as your brightest colour….just wonderful! I paint, and when I do so, sometimes the right shading or colouring just doesn’t come easily on the painting, but I know that if I just keep on….it all turns out right in the end with the right colours appearing, and the difference is usually within a shade of the Light! It’s all there….just waiting to be revealed…added to or softened, but it’s all there….just like it is within us all….Blessings, Barbara xxxxx


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