When seeking enlightenment, should I refrain from sex, eat certain foods, etc. Does a strict lifestyle help?

Should a person eat peanut butter even though they are allergic because their favorite teacher does? Should one refrain from sex not knowing the consequences because someone they respect told them to? Should a professional athlete minimize his calorie intake to 500/day because someone told him that it is the spiritual thing to do?

The only requirement to break down the immensity of the “me” is intense devotion to do so. One must bring the sum of their energy to this with all the energy they can muster.

Knowing how to do that, partially requires a body (healthy nervous system) and a mind (empty so ready to be filled) that is capable of receiving such a tremendous amount of force. So, it is important to have a working knowledge of that specific machine which you embody. This requires an acute sensitivity to the reactions of both mind and body.

Often, sex creates a much cluttered mind because thought tends to gravitate and chew over things that are pleasurable. Especially, if someone fills their mind with pornographic images-those images tend to stick around for quite some time. Just watch your mind and see what happens. Does your body feel weakened by sex or not? What happens when you sit quietly right after sex? Can you have sex without any thought getting involved? Can you have sex while saying to yourself “I have no real connection to this body and these thoughts?” ? If so, what does it matter what you do?

Should you hold to a strict diet even though you have an athletic body that demands meat? Maybe you’re allergic to fruit like many people. Should one make the body weak because of some thought based ideology?

Surely, one must be functioning optimally and at highest capacity. That looks very different for the innumerable different bodies that are born each day.

So, it is fitting to come without any pre-conditions, therefore a tremendous sense of freedom; and truly discover without fear of right and wrong what keeps your specific mind clear and what keeps that body energized with the least amount of dependence on any outside aide.

One must stand completely and psychologically alone in order to know for sure what their specific body requires in order to generate the max amount of energy. Which can than be invested into the inquiry “Who am I in spite of thought and body?”

In Love

Atreya Thomas


2 thoughts on “When seeking enlightenment, should I refrain from sex, eat certain foods, etc. Does a strict lifestyle help?

  1. The path of Jnana yoga, within Hinduism, is exactly as Atreya describes it. The only fixed requirement is an intense relentless inquiry into the true nature of who we are. The pursuit of that questioning itself leads to the answers needed, both big and small. Thanks Atreya, for spelling this all out in an effective way. I really enjoy your posts.

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