Which spiritual teachings/religions lead to enlightenment or God

There are many different teachings for many different temperaments. They seem diverse in there approach but have the same goal. There are two types of minds that create the diverse approaches-analytical and non-analytical. The analytical mind must approach the path through inquiry. They analyze the ego and its functioning and strive to follow it to its source and look for God in its abstract form; eventually merging with it. The non-analytical mind attempts to remove suffering through deep surrender to the concrete aspect of God and so merge with It.

What is left is the Residual Absolute which becomes you. Although, outwardly the body continues to act out its various functions and there may still appear to be an ego to conduct worldy affairs. But inwardly, there is only Intense Unmanifested Stillness without a second of differentiation.

So, inquire relentlessly until your true nature is revealed; or surrender to a concrete “higher power” so completely that there is not a trace left of your own will and any sense of mine. This type of surrender entails giving up the preservation mechanism  and having a severe aversion to concepts, beliefs, and ideology. While at the same time giving up any desire to seek experience through the body: Pain or pleasure.

Either way, the outcome is the same-a complete dissolution of the me.



2 thoughts on “Which spiritual teachings/religions lead to enlightenment or God

  1. Yes, I think this is a very nice summation of spirituality and religion together. Whatever words you use, only every path we are heading to a fearless, joyous state of vibrant compassion and contentment.

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