The Secret of Self Realization

Getting the mind and body to conform to a certain condition is not self realization. Saying, “Oh I’m not free nor am I enlightened because look my body and mind are a certain condition , how can this be enlightenment when I think like this or feel like this!”

Self realization is to discover reality that exists in spite of whatever the mind or body may be doing. That is all. What is mind business is mind business what is body business is body business-not your business. As you are always the unimpressed witness in spite of horrific or pleasurable thoughts; pain in the body or comfort.

The secret is: As the witness you already have no real connection to mind-body phenomenon. It is only when the observer confuses itself with what is being witnessed. Namely, your first name and the body associated with it.

To actually make the break from mind-body identification is to allow for the “me” to be humiliated without a single movement to preserve it. This is coming in contact with Death while alert. This brings down Grace which gives sudden and spontaneous revelation, which creates an identity shift from “I am a body and mind” to ” I am the Eternal.”


4 thoughts on “The Secret of Self Realization

  1. I believe that one of the reasons we are here is to transform our relationship to death, while still alive: to go from one end of the spectrum (living life from a fear of death) to the other (loving life from a positive celebration of death (but not a “death wish”)). The key is, as you have said, recognizing our Eternal nature that was never born and does not die. Knowledge of our unchanging self gives us freedom to love all that is while espressing a generous unconcerned compassion for others.

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  2. My body and mind has lately been doing an excellent job of impressing its pain upon the ’me’. I am sure that I am something more powerful. Do you think that the more aware we are of our reality the harder the mind and body keeps butting in to try to compete?


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