The end of desire

The end of desire is when one knows their self  in all things, times and places. Then you realize you are all things simultaneously. And who desires something that they already are?

Only after you give up seeking experiences through the body, and chasing after the fulfillment of thoughts in the mind, will you bring together the sum of your energy; which is required to cut all ties to ego.

It is like someone who has a million dollars but has decided to invest a single dollar in a million different ventures. So now they feel they are poor.

Bring all desires back in and invest in just One. The inquiry of “Who am I in spite of thought and body?”

Then you will become a dynamo and explode from the center!


7 thoughts on “The end of desire

  1. Simply beautiful and so inspiring! Thank you so much for following my blog and for liking my first post, I’m really glad that I discovered your writings, I’m following your articles trough mail and I’m looking forward to read more!


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