What are the right questions that lead to enlightenment?

The beginning point is different for everybody. But the question is always directed towards one self, and having the flavor of searching for One’s Own Existence beyond the form of body and thought. The strength of which one is wholeheartedly committed to see it to the end, through and through, determines pace.

“Who am I in spite of thought?”

“The Source of All is present at all times? I will sit here every chance I get and just look then.”

“What if I just accept everything that rises in the moment as pre-ordained?”

“Who am I in spite of what is perceived through the various senses?”

“Is there any part of me that is unchanging, consistent, and unaffected by phenomenon?”

“Can I die without harming the body? Yet remain alert?”

With great perseverance and devotion; strive to see the inquiry all the way to the end.


4 thoughts on “What are the right questions that lead to enlightenment?

  1. Enlightenment is simply a tipping point on a Quest that will move a person on from being who they are, and I have heard that, that point merely signifies the counterbalance of the offending states of enchantment and custom. I believe the Buddha was one such Questor, who took such a path, not taken by others, and left a trail for us to follow if we so choose.

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  2. Hinduism refers to 4 distinct yogas or paths to realization that converge together on the same Ultimate Truth. The 4 are jnana, bhakti, kriya (or raja), and karma yoga. These 4 yogas suit people with different strengths and weaknesses. Jnana is mental inquiry (asking profound questions about the nature of reality), bhakti is loving devotion to a Supreme Being, kriya is a combination of effortfull spiritual exercises and karma is serving others selflessly. A spiritual seeker also has the option to combine the different yogic methods as well.

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  3. Yes, a simply question is what changed the trajectory of my spiritual journey time and time again. There were times when I put some much into it, chasing the wind really. Now I just BE, I dare to ask the questions and allow the answers to present themselves in their own time. – W38

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