The Religion of Thought

Atheism, Christianity, Science, Philosophy, and any other system of thinking; all follow the same religion-The Religion of Thought. And most are wholeheartedly devoted.

We want to experience truth through our senses, so it can become an experience, then a memory, then a concept; and finally a truth that can be “said.” Bodies and thoughts are here today and gone tomorrow. Anything that is not Eternally True; must be deemed transient or fundamentally false.

Clearly, thought falls into the the latter. So all of thoughts diverse expressions, should be quickly discarded when Eternity is sought. Ironically, thought holds the key to its own annihilation when it starts to inquire into it self:

What happens if I follow the question to the very end relentlessly and ruthlessly? “Who am I in spite of thought, and sense perception?” Then, thought is turning inward and burning itself up in the inquiry. Therefore, revealing the Great Residual and Final Cause that exists prior to all thinking and physical forms.


3 thoughts on “The Religion of Thought

  1. Atheism and science do not count as religion. Atheism is the lack of belief in religion. Science is the systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation. Religion requires belief in religion; therefore, atheism cannot be religion. Religion cannot be proven or disproven by observation and experimentation.

    I realize that you are trying to make a different point than trying to prove that they are all religion, but so many people are confused on the difference between the three words that I just felt the need to chime in here.

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