Question: There is still no healing for me, after years of retreats, courses, and books. Why?

The word healing means, “to make whole.” But the very nature of thought is to fragment, create distinctions and diversify. When we seek healing, clearly it implies using the mechanism of thought. I am going to read this, take a course, go on a retreat and then mentally chew over the experience, until I thoughtfully “get it.”

If I wanted to see the whole mirror it would be a hindrance to pay any attention to a particular image crossing the surface. This is analysis, which means to “break up.”

If we look at the situation further, we can see that there is a fundamental piece of machinery whose sole purpose is to “break up.” This mechanism is the ego. This entity goes by your first name,  and always exists as a partiality in order to create an exclusive self-Me, mine: my life, etc. distinct from “others.”

It is this “me” that wants healing, no? But how can something that is partial, fragmented by nature; be whole or complete? The whole is not contained within the parts, but the parts are contained within the whole.

The fish can never be called the ocean, but when it loses its identity as an exclusive entity, there is only the One Ocean; and the fish is now made whole through complete integration and identification with It.

The truth is, most people’s idea of healing is to be able to keep your exclusive ego or individual sense of self-my likes and dislikes, my demands, my desires, my family, and my sense of purpose. While at the same time, experiencing a comfortable, painless, pleasure filled existence where the “me” is fulfilled, important, worry free, and  physically secure.

This is the fish laying claim that it is distinct from the ocean, yet desires all the treasures of the ocean.

In conclusion, healing does not mean the absence of the diversity of the Ocean, or the discovery of a certain fish. Rather, it means complete identification as the whole which includes everything you’re trying to heal!

The sum equals the One.

Atreya Thomas


12 thoughts on “Question: There is still no healing for me, after years of retreats, courses, and books. Why?

  1. I suppose it can be said that ‘the sum equals the One’. Also, the well known phrase, ‘ The Whole is greater than the sum of the parts’. It, (the Whole),is greater than ALL the separate parts put together, let alone any part on its own! Thanks to your reminding/prompting site, we can familiarise ourselves with this fact more than we might do otherwise.

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    1. Your explanation of the Ego and the search for healing is in depth. But what is healing? To you I mean. What type of healing are you talking about?
      God healed my body of an incurable muscle disease. It baffled the medical field.
      He also healed me of 2 broken marriages and gave me the perfect woman.., for me. What is healing to you?

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  2. Thanks Atreya. We are indeed whole and One already. There is no part of us that is separate unless we see it within ourselves. It is all part of the illusion. What we experience, or choose to experience, is just the Soul’s learning; and our Soul is eternal and whole anyway. If we know that we are already complete and what we are ‘going through’ is not really a ‘problem’ then we become aware of our true being. thanks again, bless you, Barbara xxxxx

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    1. There’s no problems in the world, just people thinking anxiety, worry and egotistic thoughts. Wayne Dyer.
      You are correct Barbara about the soul being eternal. If each day we realize that through Christ we can overcome our ego, our imperfections by looking to our soul may be able to see a glimpse of eternity.


  3. In the ego’s world there is such a thing as failure, as sickness, as pain. This is based on the desire to get somewhere better than “here.” It doesn’t realize that the sacrifice of being “here” is its own fulfillment. From the awakened perspective failure, sickness, pain & death are events of release, of greater freedom and so, they become increasingly appreciable. The ability to appreciate even “misfortune” generates an indestructible bliss that is grounded in the feeling that we are eternal and that it is a great gift to be able to accept with love our “misfortune.” Thanks, Atreya, for the great posts.

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    1. Kilaya – would you like to explain/elaborate on your comment of ‘sacrifice’ on being here, please? I found it of interest and would like to understand your/the meaning.


      1. We are infinite and yet we appear to be limited. We are perfect and yet our lives appear to be imperfect. We are One and yet we appear to be diverse. We are constant and yet our lives appear to be random. We are permanent and yet we appear to be fleeting. This is the “sacrifice” of being. It is the Ground of every now. This sacrifice is glorious once you see that it is purposeful and Divine (sacred). We need do nothing other than own with joy this sacrifice.


      2. We have sacrificed in agreeing to fit into the appearance of a limited existence when we are in truth unlimited. Why? Why not? It is all One You. There is nothing to lose because there is nothing to gain. It has always been already perfect.


  4. Gosh I don’t know. There is physical healing and emotional and mental healing. I don’t know if I go along with the ego involvement. It depends on how we view the ego. Remember old Freud. I do say that our egos are involved in our senses of whom we are or are supposed to be or how we envision ourselves perceptually.y.

    Physical healing can be from an injury. The other healings I think we are referring to such as emotional and mental healings are something that we see or feel needs to be fixed in ourselves. It is a day of reckoning when we know something is wrong or missing. It is a strong and caring person who has the objective ability to be introspective and seek the salve. Some healings, or need thereof, may never be recognized by us.
    I always have though thatt you can see who you are in the faces of those whom you love and are in the most contact their reactions to me.

    Non physical, be it emotional or mental healing is a constant work in progress but I don’t fret in knowing that that is recognition of such and taking a proactive approach.

    I do like the saying The Whole is equal to the sum of its parts. We have many parts to our beings.

    Altreya, I like your thinking. You always have good topics….I guess no matter what our state of mind is that we learn to laugh and see the fun and the funny in things on a regular basis and it is easier for some than others. Just remind those around you that in your own non verbal cues.

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