Question: My anxiety is horrible. I consider myself a spiritual person. Why is this happening? What is going on?

Anxiety is the ego losing its foothold. Anyone that suffers from anxiety will tell you that there is a detaching away from a sense of “me.” The body responds to the ego’s panic, and it becomes a loop of mind-body reaction that keeps the fight or flight response active.

When we think of that word anxiety, we think of how we feel. Clearly, how we feel is a mind-body based phenomenon.

Body-sweating, rapid heart rate, numbness, and many other physical symptoms.

Mind-Racing thoughts, panic, intense fear.

There are many degrees of anxiety, from a general anxiety that seems causeless, anxiety that has a cause as worrying; to extreme panic attacks that overwhelm the entire mind-body organism.

Anxiety offers a tremendous opportunity as far as spiritual growth is concerned, because it forces the aspirant out of a comfort zone. The ego is never allowed to fully sink into unconsciousness, as it is constantly aware of uncertainty. Bodies that suffer from general anxiety are pushed into a crisis seemingly every day. This crisis in consciousness sets up the seeker to focus their intention.
They have two options for that intention:

1. Stay identified with the mind and body, and so seek to manipulate them through medication, talking oneself down (convincing the ego that it will be okay. It has been worse, attaching to like minded groups etc.). Trying to regain control and preserve a sense of identity as a human being. A lot of people believe they are “losing their mind” and physically dying during intense anxiety.

Second option:

2. Lose your mind and die. This crisis actually offers the spiritual aspirant the opportunity to give up huge swaths of the ego and body identification. Though it must be intended. It is the hardest thing that an individual can intend-to give up the mechanism that seeks to preserve the mind and body, and sustain a sense of an individual me through them.

If one turns away from this power that preserves, it is possible to come in contact with the ground from which mind and body spring. Sounds a lot like death, right? You must be willing to die for it; and make that your intention; to force the ego into the purifying flames of reality, consciousness, right now-therefore merging it with it’s source.

To completely intend to give up the mind and body in the midst of this crisis in consciousness, and this crisis in body; is the highest act of devotion and surrender; and leads to a metamorphosis. It can be done if that is what you want and trust that it is possible by the evidence of this teaching.

Remain physically still in spite of the intense feeling to get up and panic.

Here are some mantras that will keep the intention in the moment of crisis:

“Wait, just wait a sec.”
“I am ready to die if that is what it is going to take.”
“Let the heart explode then. I am not going to save you.”
“ Goodbye. Your first name____. It’s your time to die. Nope sorry.”
“You can have Me. I give up. It’s over.”  “Today we die.”

Atreya Thomas


8 thoughts on “Question: My anxiety is horrible. I consider myself a spiritual person. Why is this happening? What is going on?

  1. To someone in this kind of being eaten alive state of anxiety, real physical death is appealing as no door can be seen for any option. I hope anyone in this state can employ the method you give and can ‘pull-through’ this testing time for them. Many of us have been there.

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  2. Thank you Atreya for answering when someone is in obvious difficulty with something practical they can use. Sometimes people who are stuck in anxiety can need to do something else to help themselves…they need to challenge themselves and the ‘story’ they are running…and how they torment themselves by how they see their life and their situation. They have told themselves a story as if it were THE truth, when it is really a perspective of truth. So, the story you have narrated to yourself ( I cannot cope…I can’t do this….I am not capable of…etc..), and that you beat yourself to death with, needs to change. Change the way you talk to yourself about who you are, and what happened to you, and what you’re going to do with your life. YOU wrote the script! Change the story…change your dialogue that you are listening to inside your head…You can do this! I believe in you….Sending you all, many Blessings, Barbara xxxxx

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  3. Anxiety as you say is a dying and undying control mechanism of the brain’s chemicals. It is the worst feeling and Is evident and noticeable. When you are around someone with it you quickly learn that the best thing to do to help is just be calm and talk softly and slowly. Tell them it’s ok. Listen to the source of their anxiousness or just sit it out with them until they gradually feel comfortable with you as a source of stability. It is for them an “eaten up alive” feeling with many physical and mental manifestations. They cannot help it and in a passive state people wish to help but in an angered state, people write them off and keep their distance. It is hard to know what to do but the best thing is just to hang with them no matter their state and if you are their friend you will prove it to them. Help them in knowing you are there for them and point out all their strengths to help them refocus. Only tell them the truth because they can see through plain sympathy and they won’t feel like they have a real anchor. Let us all be aware of this terrible mental state that is set off by fear and insecurity stimulating fight or flight chemicals in the brain.

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  4. Atreya, I totally agree with you because I have gone through the exact process. Only one observation, this process of death to the ego is an impossible thing to achieve by human power, I know that by personal experience.
    So, what gives? The part where you state, “I give up!” Alright, at that moment, what happens? Inevitable, I would go back to my ego’s effort to ‘give up’. Back I was in a worst predicament than the one before “I gave up” Go figure it!
    Over and over until the appointed time. At that time, in a magical moment my eyes were reset on the First and most Important Commandment–Thou shall love the Master your Creator above all things, period.
    Like magic for better word, the connection between yours truly and the Almighty Creator of our beings came to be. Since then it has been uphill for me. Hope somebody benefits by my two cents input in this amazing blog of yours. Thanks for your visit. 🙂

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