Question: Evil scares me! Sometimes the more I think on the good, I feel like evil equally rises in my thoughts. Am I evil? My thoughts give me anxiety.

Duality is the nature of form. The concept of good cannot exist without a concept of evil. Therefore, they both arise in you as thought-forms and cannot be separated. To whom do these thoughts arise?

The reconciliation of good and evil is understood when one resides as the sum of the egos, yet takes on no exclusive form. Like a mirror that reflects an entire universe yet remains completely unaffected. Therefore, one is the killer and the saint and every ego in between simultaneously. At the same time it would be an illusion to think one self as anything exclusively “this or that,’ or for the mirror to confuse itself with the images.

We think of the ocean as singular although it contains innumerable forms, systems, etc. Eternity is only one. Although, its parts are the transient images.

Bliss as one’s permanent state is revealed when the one source of both good and evil is understood to be the same. Devote yourself to the source of all, without under any circumstance focusing on details and singling out “things.” Adopt a one pointed mind towards the eternal-and all these transient concepts, physical forms, and the fear of evil will be seen as having no value whatsoever.

Just like a dream upon awakening; the experience was very real with cause and effect. But once awake, it is realized that the phenomenon holds no value. Similarly, the waking state appears just as real but upon waking up to the fact that you are the witness to the body and mind; what place is there for good and evil? The evil you think always concerns bodies and the destruction of them, no? Who am I in spite of the body?

Who is the observer of this interplay of opposites. “Yes, but who sees this arising? What connection do I really have to any of it, if I have absolutely no allegiance to thought and the preservation of bodies?” Investigate the mirror and its images. Be relentless and be free!

Atreya Thomas


3 thoughts on “Question: Evil scares me! Sometimes the more I think on the good, I feel like evil equally rises in my thoughts. Am I evil? My thoughts give me anxiety.

  1. Hi Atreya! Brilliant….Loved the way you described with ease the space between – where we actually exist – which is neither good nor evil…Sending you thanks for your insights and sharing…Blessings, Barbara xxxx

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