Question: How do I change?

You can change what you look like as the “me;” adding concepts and subtracting-but your perfection rests in spite of thought and body sensations. You can play the game of endlessly trying to rearrange yourself, or you can seek the Source of the game. This playing field of opposites; is the place where your character battles with its desires, its fears, the experiencing of highs and lows, etc.

So we can establish two types of change. One, moving around and exploring concepts within human consciousness and pledging our allegiance to ideas that we deem right, pleasurable, beneficial, comforting, holy, and secure. At the same time, rejecting, hating, and being afraid of what we deem wrong, painful, and threatening. This is the change that we are taught and conditioned to pursue from a very young age-acquire and reject. The sum of this activity is the “me” which goes by your first name. I want to make “myself” a certain person.

The second type of change is a metamorphosis. Like the caterpillar who dies to his form and takes a new form. This change is really the revelation of one’s True Self, and the dropping away of the conceptual-self.  It is the observer of the play of opposites; the one who sees the ego struggle to change-the watcher, the experiencer, the uninvolved witness.

Now, investigate how long you can stay in that spot without getting involved with your own thinking and body sensations. Allow for all the parts to exist, but do not pledge your allegiance to any specific form (thoughts or body phenomenon). By doing this, you become the One that holds all objects in your awareness, yet not identified with anything exclusively.

Object exclusiveness (things perceived through the senses, this includes thoughts and concepts) is change. The dropping of exclusiveness is metamorphosis.

Atreya Thomas


2 thoughts on “Question: How do I change?

  1. The read in line How Do I Change? Well while reading this I thought a lot. Not good or bad just thought and observations written by Altreya. I was ready to reflect out loud when the last of this blog jumped out at me. I read it to mean to be quiet in your observations. I will practice this even though its not my nature.
    The outward thinking here Altreya is beautifully expressed.


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