What is the highest truth, and what is ignorance?

To actually experience yourself in all things, times and places, without a second of differentiation; is the highest state and Supreme Truth.

Ignorance, is to experience diversity through a fixed identity as the “me,” while holding to the belief that “I am the body and I am my thoughts;” which gives rise to the illusion of an exclusive individual with fixed mental positions: my likes and dislikes, my expectations, my desires-my life.




8 thoughts on “What is the highest truth, and what is ignorance?

  1. Yes to experience yourself in all things be it time, place is a high for of supreme truth. Ignorance to me is unawareness of those things and as you say a fixed identity of me. It is only through our own eyes can we make assumptions about ourselves. Yes are thought are much are who we are in a sense but thoughts are not always put into action. Thus it is the action part of me that denotes my being. Likes, dislikes, espectations and desires are part of our fulfillment and frustrations. Thought of this aspects of our being gives us something to think about and decide if we should take action towards these traits. If it is enjoyable and fulfilling then I see no need to abate well maybe abate but not cease. We are transients in all senses of the word but does that make us ingnorant? I think ignorance is when choose to accept our being. Pain is derived from the parts we don’t accept. We don’t have to address or change or maybe we can’t all of our pieces that make us whole b/c that is who we are. Only my thoughts but thought provoking Altreya

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  2. Wow, this really made me think and it kind of hurt my brain LoL. It reads like a paradox though, is it meant to be contradicting? Because truly experiencing just myself in everything without any differentiation is exactly the same thing as your definition of ignorance, which is not seeing any differentiation and being focused only on my likes and dislikes – my life. So you could be saying that higher truth and ignorance are the same thing, which is quite genius if you take into consideration that ignorance is bliss, that kind of ignorance is what they strive for in buddhism. I’m not sure if you meant it that way, but it really speaks to me regardless.
    Thanks for following my spiritual blog by the way, I am following you back 🙂

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