Question: What is the relationship between humility and grace; and what role does it play in enlightenment?

Humility is to allow the “me” to be humiliated without a single movement towards preserving it. This persona takes up a tremendous amount of space in our lives as most energy is directed into the perpetuation of my desires, my fears, my acquisition of pleasure, my demands, my anger, my status, my anxiety, my beliefs and expectations, my security-my life.

When one begins to inquire: who am I in spite of this entity that masquerades as my first name, they begin to see that this illusory “me” is an imaginary figure that is requiring all one’s vitality to animate and preserve. The act of turning away from this persona and “witnessing your own death,” is humility. This opens up a tremendous space which then allows for grace.

Grace is the actual movement from the conceptual-self to the Non-Conceptual Self; the breaking down of identity in form, and the revelation or enlightenment of one’s Eternal Nature.


6 thoughts on “Question: What is the relationship between humility and grace; and what role does it play in enlightenment?

  1. Humility softens ego, does it not? So softened, something else can enter in that space created, this thing called Grace we so often say is not of us….but is given by something higher. Are we giving the divine entry into our lives? I think so. Lots to learn from that kind of action in our lives. Nice to be reading this on a day so full of contemplation on similar themes. Gratis.

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  2. O well! Atreya, we can debate & analyse this matter until the cows come home! The truth? For everything there is a season and a due time! In due time, the power of love from on high descends upon anyone!
    What happens before the due time? Ha! Day by day, one blow after the next, bickering, crying, repenting, struggling to understand …Finally! No more dependence in one’s own thinking & feelings! No more struggling to understand! Emerged as a powerful witness for the honor of one’s Master–the Almighty Creator of our beings and of the whole Universe!
    Let’s not kid ourselves! Only the Creator of our beings has the key to set us free from our own ‘me, mine and not yours’!
    My reality: Dying in the Present! Living in Eternity! By the power of love from on high that descended on me in His due time! 🙂
    Thanks for your faithful visits!
    His love in my heart for all, thia/Basilia


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