A Complete Human Being

We all start off the same way, identified with form (mainly body and mind). This is easily verifiable in all children. We know ourselves as my body, my thoughts, my desires, and my opinions, all tightly packaged in my name. We also experience life through the senses as what we touch, hear, taste, smell, and feel. This is the human experience, which also includes our thoughts, demands, hopes, and dreams. All of this is energized by a vast network of interconnected relationships that give way for endless possibilities, circumstances, outcomes, and choices. Most people accept all this phenomena as the human experience, which is verified through memory and predictable patterns. The body is born, and the mind starts to become more complex as it reaches universally accepted milestones.
Body experiences and thoughts are the concrete or tangible aspects of life, but they only represent one side of the coin. We can call this the known. The other side of the coin is the abstract aspect of life, or the unknown, which is the animating principle that causes all things that we intuit to be present, but at the same time, remains elusive to the mind and senses. This has been referred to as Spirit, God, Life, Love, and innumerable other names to imply the existence of that which is unseen but is felt deep within one’s being. Concrete and abstract are the two aspects of life, and they are not mutually exclusive but inseparable in all things, times, and places. The whole spiritual journey is the reconciliation of this divine couple, as this marriage gives birth to the complete human being


9 thoughts on “A Complete Human Being

  1. I agree! Who is this Complete Human Being…the one who basically endure and live. I can’t help myself- there is this song playing in my head right now when I read your blog. That song- Staying Alive…I kind of cracked about the lyrics of the song but it makes sense. Why staying alive – is the theme. 🙂 Nice- short blog. Thank you for sharing.

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