Question: If God is good, why does he let children starve? This bothers me.

You put attributes to this God you speak of. It is the conceptual-self or ego which thinks in terms of right and wrong, good and bad, what bothers me and what does not bother. An attribute always defines a “thing,” and things are clearly impermanent-nobody denies that. So surely, that which is eternal (God) has no attributes otherwise it would be subject to decay and rendered non-eternal. This is why God cannot be known because the mind can only know attributes and qualities. So it is wrong understanding to define God as having attributes or caring about children or not caring about children. God can be realized when the mechanism that defines, creates attributes and qualities, comes to an end. It is this very mechanism (the “me”), which lets children starve.


13 thoughts on “Question: If God is good, why does he let children starve? This bothers me.

  1. ever thought maybe it isn’t God it is Us human beings? If every single one of us start providing for these children i don’t think they would starve. God can not come down walking from the sky and hand you bread!!

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  2. sorry if you find me rude.. just saying what i believe is right… a lot of money is spent on unnecessary stuff.. speaking of countries war etc.. but why not to erase poverty.. it’s all a mess really!

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  3. Specifically with regards to why children starve, I think we would be better served asking ourselves this question instead of asking God. Why is that some countries suffer from obesity while others from starvation? Jesus specifically told us that it’s our responsibility to feed the poor and clothe the naked, thus we are to understand that such disparities are to be directly attributed into our personal responsibilities

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    1. I know that God is not neutral.



      not taking part or giving assistance in a dispute or war between others:


      not aligned with or supporting any side or position in a controversy:

      God makes clear distinctions on what is right and wrong. You must not mistake GOD’S grace for neutrality. God is fully aware of all the wrong we continually partake in but HE LOVES US ANYWAY. He recognizes evil and in fact hates evil. God is Love. Love is not about being neutral to any situation that is morally wrong. Love is recognizing the wrong but forgiving and loving the other person anyways.


  4. This question was answered beautifully in the old movie, “Oh, God!” John Denver’s character is allowed to converse with God in the form of George Burns. John asked the same question, “Why do you let people starve?” God shoots back, ” Why do YOU let people starve? ”
    I believe like most of the others responding here.
    The earth is our responsibility. So many of us are screwing up !


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