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Atreya Thomas: Student Dialogue

-My purpose doesn’t seem clear.

Life is your purpose. Whatever is presenting in the moment is your purpose. The purpose is to be the space, the emptiness, that contains the various diversities and fluctuations of life, which contains the whole spectrum of your humanity.

-My life particularly does not feel very energizing or fulfilling. Does that mean I’m not fulfilling my purpose? Should I feel like I’m doing what I love?

If you love life, if you love the source, and it’s all life; what does it matter what you are doing?

-It matters because somethings are painful and others pleasant.

There is physical pain and pleasure which is built into the very nature of things, but “purpose” implies this mental tension and distress you have in the inability for psychological fulfillment, purpose, desire for validation and recognition; no?

-I do have chronic back pain and it’s annoying, but you are right that’s not my issue. Rather, I could clearly see that I want things in life to be a certain way, recognition, wealth, peace, control over things, health. And I wish to share the spiritual teachings that I have; not having all this frustrates me.

So perhaps this is not about life’s purpose which is spontaneous, ever-changing, ever present and dynamic. Rather, you seek your own purpose which is static, fixed, partial and narrow. You are always going to clash with life’s purpose in this manner because a static vision is always partial and will get mowed down eventually by the rest of life. There is another way. Give your little self up and die into life’s purpose which is always here, now pressing upon you in spite of your particular vision and really doesn’t require your input but only your allegiance. Experiment and take the risk to surrender and you may discover your greatest purpose within life’s purpose.

Intense Devotion

Intense devotion does not mean intense about forcing oneself into awakening or beating down the ego relentlessly. Rather, it is an unwavering commitment to nurture and help the Self blossom using the tools of humility, patience, surrender, faith and compassion. Accompanied with a rock solid perseverance to endure the many trials and pains of transformation, while energized by a laser like intention to serve the Supreme Presence in All.
~~Atreya Thomas~~

Atreya Thomas: Awakening into a Complete Human Being

“Atreya shares with us a very practical guide for awakening in ordinary life. His language and examples are down-to-earth and draw upon his own life experience. He gives us both a clear map and step-by-step practices that are easily accessible and extremely helpful. This book will educate, inspire, and delight you.”
~ Loch Kelly, author of Shift Into Freedom: The Science and Practice of Open-Hearted Awareness

Authentic Love

The beginning of freedom starts with the revelation that we are not responsible for the quality of our thoughts. Whether they are extraordinary or absolutely hideous; thoughts in and of themselves are hollow and quite devoid of any power over us. Rather, much of our internal struggles are concerned with manipulating, coercing, judging, retaining and resisting them. Let mind business be mind business and not your business. Then, all your energy will start to gather in the heart which will then dethrone the mind and replace it with authentic love.

-Atreya Thomas

“What is your proof that a Final Cause exists, bestows Grace, and should be worshiped and surrendered to?”

Action implies intelligence and there is no argument to refute that. As we watch the trees move we infer the wind moving them, though it remains unseen. All scripture from every religion refers to an intelligent principle and we know that action springs from intelligence alone. The world is then followed back to its Creator and judging from its immensity, its power must be immeasurable. This power must then be able to sustain and give life to its own creations. Therefore, worship and surrender every aspect of yourself to it to gain its favor in the form of Divine Grace.

-Atreya Thomas

Emptiness Becomes Weight

The desire and intense impulse for reassurance and validation inhibits the hearts expression. It is only in the 11th hour that Grace strikes like lightning and we are stripped of all mental security and emotional crutches. Therefore, let us surrender our secret desire to be heard, recognized and propped up by others. There, emptiness becomes weight and breaks the back of ego forever.

-Atreya Thomas

Grace becomes us in the absence of the “me”

Life is not about creating problems and then spending all our energy trying to solve them. Or we set up spiritual shop and try to solve other people’s problems, perhaps inadvertently giving them clout. Can you imagine? We do not need to imagine; this is what we do: live almost exclusively in our imagination by chasing desires, recognition, or some ideal of love and personal fulfillment. Whether that is in the name of spirituality or not. Reality is too simple, empty and indifferent for such a problematic mind. This is why love is so rare because it is only in the absence of the “me” that Grace becomes us.

-Atreya Thomas

Life is Essentially Empty

The truth is we would rather feel anxious, make problems, and seek negative attention like little children, because life in essence is empty. Or we move towards the positive and justify being the “Creator” and secretly seek recognition as a spiritual teacher in the name of “our birth right to be happy.” We create complex ideologies about union of this and that and prop ourselves up as the bearer of some special knowledge or gift to give to others; so prey on the bottom feeders of spirituality who are looking to others for answers. We cannot accept the simple fact that life is essentially empty, boring, indifferent, and devoid of meaning. So we create meaning in order to fill this aching void that presses to consume everything we hold dear.

-Atreya Thomas

Keep the Heart Filled with Infinity

The “how am I going to” is not as important as “from what space am I going to,” and space does not need to be brought in from anywhere. How empty do we keep our heart from the objects of the mind? In other words, can we allow for mind activity to remain in its own reality respectfully without touching it? Therefore, always keeping the heart free, vast and filled with infinity.

-Atreya Thomas

A Good Day to Die

The details of our life are not as important as the space that surrounds them. Can we die right now to the mental ideals, concepts, impositions, demands, and complex ideologies, that have been built up within our hearts both generationally and personally. Not as a knee jerk reaction but because we see the absolute necessity of it, therefore have the strength and intensity to call down Divine Grace and allow our self to be consumed from the head down.

-Atreya Thomas

Stay Gold

Watch closely and you will see how the mind wants to impose itself on reality by bombarding our experiences with interpretations, opinions, demands, fears, and ideals. That is natural for minds to do this, but for you my friends; stay gold. Do not let mind activity enter the heart nor let awareness be exchanged for the objects of the mind. Take out the trash immediately as it arises and do not wait; feel into life without interpretation, and practice moment to moment un-clenching your grip on the details of your life.

-Atreya Thomas

“Is our personality an illusion?”

The beauty of a rainbow is its diversity of colors, yet together they are all pure light. Likewise when pure awareness passes through the prism of humanity it creates the beauty of your unique personality. Yet, in essence it is only the One White Light. After a direct experience of this light, unity of all forms is an experiential fact; so any sense of an exclusive uniqueness that “stands alone” apart from it is an illusion, even personality. A seeker who actually has had this experience as the light, then experientialy knows themselves as the sum of the colors as well.; and so can incarnate as they see fit.

-Atreya Thomas

New Book Available by Atreya Thomas!

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“Atreya shares with us a very practical guide for awakening in ordinary life. His language and examples are down-to-earth and draw upon his own life experience. He gives us both a clear map and step-by-step practices that are easily accessible and extremely helpful. This book will educate, inspire, and delight you.”
~ Loch Kelly, author of Shift Into Freedom: The Science and Practice of Open-Hearted Awareness

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Vulnerability is Enough

One of the greatest things we can do is be unconditionally kind and genuinely vulnerable to all we come in contact with in spite of our fear/resistance. I have personally seen these tiny unconditional gestures change the course of someone’s entire life. It is not the others personality we are being vulnerable to; sometimes we need to be stern with that. Rather, seeing past the thin shell of the outer details and trusting the yolk of eternity within all people and things. We then inadvertently reflect that back to them, successfully evolving our self in another.

-Atreya Thomas

Stillness is Humility

Watch what happens when life gets tough. There is an intense impulse to coerce, manipulate and bend the will of Life by force. Fight this impulse and instead use the power of silence, which acts with the entire weight of the universe to bring balance to any situation.

-Atreya Thomas

Lay It Down Equally

Always be quick to forgive, swift to love, and eager to serve throughout every second of the journey. Embody your humanity to execute this triple jewel. Above all other things love truth, love God, and love one another with all the zeal you can muster. Know that the objects of hate and fear are merely a thin shell that cover the yolk of eternity within all things. Remain firm in the creed to be willing to die for this love: and lay down your life equally for both your enemies and your friends.

-Atreya Thomas

Do Not be a Savior to Your Own Thoughts and Emotions

As we begin our journey on the spiritual path, we confront a host of suppressed emotions, thoughts and feelings. It is vital to uncover them and give them the space to surface and be brought into the light of awareness. Spending time with fear, depression, anxiety etc. helps us understand their nature; but make no mistake it’s not going to change them. At some point we must let them grow up and leave the house of our own heart and begin to break up with our trauma by being firm and saying enough, while letting them be on the simple level of our humanity.

-Atreya Thomas

Do Not Ever Forget This

If your nervous system and stress levels are dialed up to a nine you’re going to have thoughts that correspond to that level. Doesn’t make them true, it makes them paranoid. Don’t believe them my friends, be rational and let them go. Manage your stress not your thoughts.

-Atreya Thomas

The Scales of Life

Overwhelmed? Don’t try and remove things from your life. Instead, expand your emotional, psychological and spiritual space by increasing your capacity to hold more weight. Balance your life by resting as the fulcrum of positive and negative thoughts without adhering to either. Remain silent and you will begin to see that balance comes as a natural outcome of surrendering the impulse to manipulate the scales of life.

-Atreya Thomas

The Purpose of Spiritual Practice

All practices are only meant to validate the existence of one’s true nature or God. Once a glimpse is made, one need only then surrender one’s life on the strength of this experience. This is why we must seek: to validate. Some get a glimpse and that is enough for surrender. Some need constant reassurance even though they have had this glimpse. Therefore, keep seeking until all your doubts are cleared.

-Atreya Thomas

Choose It

A fear driven life is a violent life; and all fear comes from the identification with the mind (thoughts), body (feelings) and the intense desire to preserve them. That is why this teaching has been called a prayer for death because one must experience themselves in spite of mind and body by merging with the Absolute and is made possible by Divine Grace alone; which chooses the devotee who has chosen It to the exclusion of all others things.

-Atreya Thomas

Claim Your Eternity or Suffer

Once we validate the existence that “it is I who is eternal,” then nothing perceived through the senses should ever be considered that serious. Then we can be light even in the most stressful situations. At some point we must come out of the shadows and claim our eternity.

-Atreya Thomas

A Relentless Effort

A relentless effort and laser like perseverance is the prerequisite to reach the well-spring of grace. A devotee must subjugate the intense impulse to get personally involved in the details of life and allow both the mind and body to be humiliated.

-Atreya Thomas

A Shaman’s Retreat

Contract into the heart of things where divinity is spread out equally as the substratum and soil of life. It is here that the opposites are reconciled, balance is brought to the objects of form; and creative love is made visible within all things.

-Atreya Thomas

“What is something I can practice right now, today?”

Drop the “why” in your life and the incessant desire to extract meaning out of everything. Just for a day treat everything as preordained no matter how uncomfortable, and stop feeding the impulse to formulate and construct answers for your perceived problems. Let’s practice starving this intense urge to involve our self so personally in the mind/body phenomenon of our lives.

-Atreya Thomas

“Come on Atreya. What is the truth. What’s everyone’s problem?”

lol, ok. The truth is we just do not feel safe. We truly believe “perhaps I am not taken care of.” Even the best childhood validates this notion as we all experience trauma on some level. We are seeking unconditional love now as a result, from what we call the Self, God, Universe, Love etc. We were all ripped from the womb of infinity; and we simply just want our mother.

-Atreya Thomas

Find Your Expression

No one wakes up in the morning and says “I’m going to be mediocre today.” Only the fearless become great. Great at what? Great at being yourself and expressing your uniqueness/talents; animated by your devotion to Grace. Stand completely and utterly alone, and you will find your expression which is love pushing through you.

-Atreya Thomas

*Video* The Evolution of Seeking

The diverse teachings all point to different parts of this evolution. The first part: seek yourself in things. Create an identity, a persona and be someone in this life. Defend and prop up this me. The second, stop seeking your life in things as this is the cause for suffering and inquire into the source of things. Third, once a glimpse is caught of the Absolute, then seek that to the exclusion of all other things. Fourth, once absorbed into the absolute and exclusive identity is erased, one senses them self in all things, times and places. Then one seeks to drop back into their humanity, re-inherit the personality and explode from the center.


“Why do you say to seek; and when does it end?”

You intuit eternity within yourself but it very much remains abstract; so doubt persists. We must seek to validate 100% the inner oracle or Resident Guru in one’s heart which becomes you; by exclusive devotion to it. The length of seeking is determined by your predisposition to trust with just a glimpse into the Self, or if insecurities keep the aspirant doubting. One should seek until all doubts are cleared and the full light of God is revealed; which forever blinds the seeker to the illusions of this world.

-Atreya Thomas

The Cutting Edge

If you wanted to penetrate a wall you can spend many hours smashing away, expending a lot of energy, and creating peripheral damage. Or, you can focus your energy like a laser and pierce it with pinpoint precision and accuracy. In order to acquire the latter technology, the aspirant must be willing to evolve the primal ego (me) that works through force, into the advanced functional ego or “I” that works through power. It is grace alone that advances this process. Therefore, only those who earnestly seek it will remain on the cutting edge.

-Atreya Thomas

The Lifeboat of Awareness

We all must pass through the spectrum of humanity and experience the full tide of being human. Do not obsess over the extremes of either positive or negative. Keep moving, and never get off this lifeboat of awareness; or you may find yourself stranded on any one of the innumerable islands of pain and pleasure.

-Atreya Thomas