Purpose Through Illumination

Your purpose is to glow. Be brilliant my friend; and illuminate your life. Seek the Source first and foremost with all the intensity that you can muster. Go all the way into the abstract and discover yourself as this unchanging light. Then, come back and illuminate your body whose brightness makes visible your earthly purpose; which always has the flavor of relieving suffering in yourself and others, while serving as a conduit for Divine Grace.

-Atreya Thomas

Trust the Process

If one tries to force a flower open they will inevitably stunt its growth and may damage its delicate petals. Likewise, intense devotion does not mean intense about forcing oneself into awakening or beating down the ego relentlessly. Rather, it is an unwavering commitment to nurture and help the Self blossom using the tools of humility, patience, surrender, faith and compassion. Don’t force; nurture my friend, love, take care and look after this eternal seed that lies within all of us. Trust the process and when it blooms, it will be grace that fills the air; and will act as a catalyst for others to begin watering that seed within themselves.

-Atreya Thomas

Exclusive Devotion

Love the Ground and you will inadvertently love all things that spring from It without having to pick through the details, which traps one in the endless cycle of judgement and choice. Make one choice: exclusive devotion to the Source. Which has been validated to be trustworthy by every Sage, over and over again; and makes up the sole purport of every earnest teaching.

-Atreya Thomas

It is Your Hand on the Dial

If you’re going to commit to being a complete human being; you are going to have to realize that it is your hand on the dial. You cannot control what life brings you; but without a doubt you decide whether you intensify an object (mainly thoughts and feelings), or dial it down. It is your responsibility to use your logic and reason to see which objects relieve suffering and are worth energizing, and which ones increase pain in yourself and others. Fear, obsession, justified anger, expectations, blame, etc. are not logical; and should always be intentionally dialed down. Devotion to a benevolent force, love, compassion, patience, humility, forgiveness; and trust, should all be intentionally invigorated.

-Atreya Thomas

This is my Prayer

Fear, anger, violence, and hate, always implies a divorce and sense of separation; as well as the abandonment of logic and reason. Be a complete human being and marry the concrete aspect of the Self (Logic), with the abstract aspect of the Self (Creative Energy). Discard this little “me” that is bent on breaking this divine couple up.

-Atreya Thomas

Do Not Discard Your Humanity in the Search for Spirituality

Do you go for a walk and doubt if the ground will hold you? Logic and reason tells you that you’re safe and it’s trustable because it is tangible. If you abandon your humanity then you abandon the faculty of reason. If you make God too abstract, reason and logic cannot verify it and doubt and fear will always creep in.

It is logical, and reasonable to conclude that we can trust the balance of nature as the will and chief power of a Unifying Force; which is not abstract but tangible and verified through observation. This balance allows for the conviction and trust that life is perfectly balanced, in spite of all the seemingly imperfections and is held together by a trustworthy impeccable force, which includes the details of your life: past, present and future.
-Atreya Thomas


There is not a single detail about ones life that is not worthy of sacrifice to the Beloved; the Inner Most Self. One must wear their humanity completely, for the sole purpose of offering it as an oblation. Make your mind the altar and let every thought and sensation be a sacrifice into the fire of awareness. What rises from the ashes becomes You!

-Atreya Thomas


Perfect Love

Perfection in close relationships is to be in relationship with the Source within that person, while discarding the details of his or her personality. Bend your love towards the Absolute; and it will not be the person you love but the Lord within them. Therefore, eliminating the “middle man” or “me” that creates strife, with its demands, opinions, fears, and judgements.

-Atreya Thomas

Love the Source

If you try to love all things you will come up short. Rather, fall in love with the source of all things and you will see your Beloved in the midst of all human activity and emotion. From the most pleasurable to the most painful. In deep anxiety and in deep joy.

-Atreya Thomas

The Presence of Love

Love does not require you to intellectually know It, but only trust It. As you deepen that relationship; the strength of your experience in Its grace will increase. In turn, slowly clearing all doubts about the presence of It in all things, times and places. This Love starts to become the primary experience in the midst of all human conditions; from the most pleasurable to the most painful.

-Atreya Thomas

Surrender or be Afflicted

It is not the details of circumstances that one must surrender to. Rather, the Unifying Intelligence that permeates all things, times and places. Individual will is then surrendered to the Supreme Will, which always acts consistently and without fail for the good of all.

-Atreya Thomas

Step Into Your Life

All the grace that is needed for self-realization is right there within your closest relationships. Try for just a day to believe that meeting your daily life completely and with profound surrender is the highest spiritual practice; not anything outside of that.

-Atreya Thomas

A Loud Whisper

There is something that draws the seeker inward. A force, a subtle light; a loud whisper. Follow That, and do not stop until you reach the center. Blood, sweat and tears-it’s a calling.

The Crown Jewel of Relationships

The teacher’s goal is to reassure and clear any doubts about the existence of the Absolute; and point to and set the seeker on the path that leads straight to It.

The parent reassures the child that they are safe. The spouse reassures their partner that they are loved.

Do not be that person who stands aloof, and moves away from pain. Instead, deeply and profoundly lean into your experiences in spite of the intense desire to close the heart in the face of fear, anger, and total annihilation of one’s pride.

Reassure darkness that there is light. Reassure pain that there is healing; and reassure anger that there is compassion. In doing so, Grace will reassure you that in spite of whatever happens in your life; you are taken care of and indestructible trust is finally restored.

Question: “How does one break the addictive bond to the thinking mind that runs on constantly?”

It is not about changing the mind to look a certain way, rather it is a surrender so deep and profound that you allow it to exist in its own right along its own line and space.

Like living with a TV on that blares incessantly, plays provocative programming, and cannot be shut off. The only way is to completely abandon your obsession with changing it, listening to it, watching, fighting, and hating it.

Then you will see that the noise drops to the background and your primary experience becomes the vastness that contains thinking and all other phenomenon.

Contemplative Thought

Like a deep pool of water, one can see great depths according to the stillness of the surface. Likewise, when the mind is still it is possible to see great depths into one’s own heart; revealing the very source of existence.

-Atreya Thomas

Contemplative Thought

The whole point of discerning the ego from the true self is so a seeker can rediscover their eternal nature, and come back to the front of their body and fearlessly embody the ego.

Then one is not afraid anymore to fully embrace and meet the dark side of humanity knowing that ultimately they are not humanity, but rather love itself.

-Atreya Thomas


Some teachers are lustful, others irritable. Some seem arrogant, while others are combative. Still others are sunk in devotion, some keep and uphold sacred scripture, while others seem to live a perfectly normal life. There is even a story of an ancient yogi whose grace increased every time he cursed someone.

This is due to the fact that awakening happens on many different levels.

All these teachers have tapped into the inner oracle of divine wisdom. This inner oracle is not dependent on outward conditions or personal predispositions; and once discovered is never lost in spite of personal “karma.” So the Yogi does not feel the need to get rid of these things; as they know themselves in spite of mind/body; so any effort seems pointless; as there is no fear of themselves anymore, therefore no motivation to change anything.

Nevertheless, the very best awaken emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, physically, and intellectually. They demand of themselves to be on the cutting edge of evolution at all times, which requires awakening on all levels. This desire for perfection is due to a personal predisposition that will not be burned up easily, as they are resolved on serving the Lord Supreme in every act, gesture, word, and breath; while completely embodying their human nature.

Human life is becoming increasingly more dynamic where it is required to awaken on all levels; as people are waking up in families, positions of power, and within deep interwoven relationships.


The word “ego” symbolizes eternal unchanging awareness mistakenly identifying with ever changing form (mainly body and mind), which creates an exclusive “me” whose reality is based in separation. In turn, preservation of “mine,” my demands, my ideology, expectations, happiness etc.; becomes the primary focus.

Everything that challenges these positions becomes “them,” and suffering ensues. One need not look very long at their own life to see the extraordinary damage this thing does to human relationships; and to deny that is a grave mistake.

The whole point of discerning the ego from the true self is so a seeker can rediscover their eternal nature, and come back to the front of their body and fearlessly embody the ego. Then one is not afraid anymore to fully embrace and meet the dark side of humanity knowing that ultimately they are not humanity, but rather love itself.

As this Love, fully embody the false self. Wear it completely! Then offer it as a living sacrifice to truth. Then you will discover the true meaning of Oneness


Awakening can be defined as a fundamental transformation or dissolution of the exclusive “me” that has its identity in “I am the body and mind,” to a non-exclusive awareness that simultaneously sees itself in all things, times and places without a second of differentiation.

Just like the sunlight does not need to be achieved as it is there ever-shining, awakening is your true nature and does not need to be achieved. What does need to be achieved and does take effort is the removal of the curtain that obstructs the sunlight.

The only prerequisite for this removal is an earnest and unwavering devotion to discover something that is eternal, everlasting, complementary to all, unchanging, and final. This brings down grace which removes the veil. The intensity of devotion and perseverance determines the pace.


Duality is the dynamic aspect of the non-dual, or Final Cause. Inseparable, like the mirror and its images. Yet the former remains unchanged and the latter stays in a constant state of flux.

If you try to love all things you will come up short. Rather, fall in love with the source of all things and you will see your Beloved in the midst of all human activity and emotion. From the most pleasurable to the most painful. In deep anxiety and in deep joy.

Unless a seeker is able to live a normal life and credit all phenomenon to the Final Cause it can’t be said that the supreme goal is reached.

The Impenetrable Fortress Within

Peace does not mean comfort. Rather, a discovery of the Impenetrable Fortress Within that exists in spite of mind/body conditions.

This does not mean the denial of mind/body phenomenon. On the contrary, it means a final release of the obsession to control them. A surrender so profound, all that is left is a living vessel brimming with the glow of the Unknown.

Question: Atreya, What is the truth about karma and can I be free from it?

It is not about rearranging or changing mind/body conditions in order to get rid of karma. Rather it is more about discovering the Unchanging Self in the midst of all circumstance. Which brings the realization that you have no absolute connection to any type of karma.

When we think of karma we think about the quality of our experiences. These experiences are always associated with the mind and body. In body: I experience comfort, pleasure, fulfillment of desires, equilibrium, and spiritual accolades. In mind, I perceive nice, creative, encouraging and supportive thoughts. We call this good karma.

When the body experiences discomfort, illness, misfortune, or the mind is frustrated in its fulfillment of desires and bombarded with unwanted thoughts, we call this bad karma.
So karma becomes a very big deal because our whole identity and happiness is based on sustaining specific body conditions and the exclusive content in the mind. Together these two form “who I am.”

As long as the “exclusive me” is our primary experience, we will continue to invest in and give continuity to it. In turn, the concept of karma will continue as to define and symbolize our experience of masquerading as a mind/body, and to give a framework for the rollercoaster effects of the compulsion to preserve “this” and avoid “that;” as well as the strife to experience pleasure while avoiding pain.

What is the true meaning of prayer?

The meaning of prayer changes according to one’s proximity to the Source. When we are born we are identified with the body and with the thinking mind. The marriage of these two create the exclusive me, or ego that feels its abiding state to be a sense of separation. After experiencing conflict due to this state of separation; one may intuit, be told about, read about etc. the idea that there may be a higher power, an all encompassing source that has complete sovereignty.

If this idea is accepted, now this “me” begins to petition this source for the fulfillment of thought. This is right as the petitioner is still identified with form (mainly body and mind), so seeks happiness or God in form. More things, smoother life, fulfillment of desires, healthy body, protect my family and attachments etc.

If one begins to see the futility of seeking permanent happiness in transient things, then the prayer mentioned above is transformed into inquiry: Can I be happy whatever mind/body conditions may be present? The seeker is still asking for something but now holds a major responsibility in the process and must do the work.

If one relentlessly perseveres, they realize that it is “me” that holds onto and obsesses over mind/body conditions. Prayer inquiry then mutates into deep surrender and devotion to That Which Exists in Spite of Me.

This eventually unites the seeker with the Source, which then life is experienced as God interacting with God. Then prayer becomes an endless experience of grace.

Question: Do we have any control over our experiences or are we watching a divine script?

Consider a parent and a child: The parent gives the feeling to the child that they have many choices, but in actuality every choice was created by the parent who is in complete control. The child is under the illusion of free will, in that there appears to be many independent choices. Nevertheless, each option was already decided for him and is only meant for their growth-some harsh and some soft. Some to teach the individual and some to teach the whole of mankind-some to allow pain some to allow pleasure. The individual chooses their path according to their own temperament and predispositions.

In the end, every choice leads to the dissolution of the “me” or ego, and acts as a catalyst to reveal The One Observer of Phenomenon; either through pain that leads to surrender, or self-knowledge that leads to an “aha.” Hence, breaking down the sense of individuality or “me;” and re-emerging as the identity of the One Eternal Cause that abides in all things, times and places.

The script is Reality, which there is only One. The pace which all doubts are satisfied and the illusion of diversity is removed; is determined by the intensity which one turns inward.


A Complete Human Being

Be a complete human being.

All that means is to meet yourself completely and wholly every moment.

This does not mean try and understand.

Rather, be the whole moment whatever it is, without any differentiation or fragmentation.

Be the totality of humanity and allow for it. Yet, stay away from being anything exclusive.

Then, whatever you come in contact with whether it is anger, fear, depression, anxiety,

shame and guilt, you meet so fully and completely; that it becomes integrated as Love.

I really want to be a spiritual teacher. I just do not have the words like you do. What do you suggest?

The truth is everybody is a teacher. Your inner environment is constantly being projected outward and without a doubt, people feel that both consciously and unconsciously. The best teacher merely acts as a keyhole to view eternity through, as they have forfeited any allegiance to an exclusive me. This gives the student a glimpse of their true nature, which then ignites a fire within them to seek that out in themselves as a permanent condition.

Therefore, it is not the words that create a teacher, but rather the concept-free space which they permanently reside in that reveals the Absolute for any seeker who is willing to look with an open mind and heart.

My suggestion is to loosen your grip on mind activity (which includes trying to “be something”), and let them go on without interfering or concern. Emptiness is not getting rid of anything. Let body business be body business, and mind business be mind business. Therefore, not your business. Allow all states to go on by the force of their own nature.
Then, one sinks into the Underlying Intelligence that is always on time, has the right words, and brings balance spontaneously to all situations.

What is the need for a seeker to interact with a teacher in physical proximity? Some teachers say that a guru is necessary for silent transmission. What do you think?

There is only one guru, and It is within you. All things are born from, created by, and die back into the Innermost Lord of All, which resides in all things, times and places; therefore is always present. Surely, silence is all around you and therefore transmission will take place as soon as the mind becomes empty so ready to be filled.

Your devotion to not grasp the objects of the mind brings down the grace that imparts perfect knowledge. Sometimes this will manifest as a physical teacher and sometimes not. Nevertheless, all great understanding is done when an individual reaches into the inner dark and retrieves light. With all the energy you can invoke, mount the seat of devotion, and snap the reigns of inquiry; and like a laser dive inward!

Question: Atreya. What happens when you die?

Who is this “I” that dies? Clearly when we think of death, we think of the body as lifeless and devoid of a thinking mind. So it is two-fold: a body and a mind. But who is this “I” that says, “I have a body and a mind, and I can see that they die?” There is a third here, an awareness that is present in spite of mind-body. There are many notions about what happens when you die; these ideas are mind based, hence can only exist while there is a mind present- but we want to find out what happens when the mind dies.

So, for the devotee who wishes to discover death; they must give up both the mind and the body by staying fixed in non-conceptual awareness. In other words, to be aware without driving the mind towards any object either conceptual or physical, while allowing them to exist unimpeded.

The prerequisite is that one earnestly and relentlessly seeks the strength to willing give up the impulse to grasp the objects of the mind as they arise. My desires, my demands and dreams, my hopes, my family, my wealth, my status, my religion, and my ideology-the mechanism that demands preservation of an exclusive “me.” When this exclusive entity drops away, identification with the body goes also.

Then, you will find out what happens when “you” die. This experience is brought down by grace alone which is equivalent to one’s devotion. One must even give up the concept of giving up this or that. This state is Intense Un-manifested Awareness, Death, or God.

Question: Is it possible to be free of fear once and for all?

As long as a feeling of separation subsists, there is always going to be dualism. That which is separate stands apart, therefore can always be lost. Hence, fear will always exist where there is duality. We are born with the precondition that I am my body, and I am my mind, or I am form. Form is constantly breaking down and decaying, so we feel “I am” decaying. The body malfunctions and thoughts of who I am, my beliefs, demands, and mental positions; are increasingly challenged over time.

Here, we are cut off from the realization of our eternal nature and completely identified with the process of decay. Therefore, we suffer with fear believing we are going to lose our life (body and mind) at some point.

This base-line illusion of separation between the transient and the eternal is the root of all fear. Therefore, the only way to be free from fear once and for all, would be to experientially exist in spite of mind and body without a second of doubt.

Inquiry into this notion puts a seeker in proximity to their eternal nature, which is intuited but remains elusive. This intuition is enough to establish a deep reverence and love for It as worship being the proper function of duality; which then finally pulls down the grace that solves the riddle of the oneness between the transient and the eternal; destroying all separation forever.

On Peace and Freedom

Most view freedom as being free from some “thing,” and once I am free there will be peace. If I can just get rid of this and retain that; I will be happy. This is a natural way to perceive life because in the beginning as children, we are completely identified with form (body and mind). The very nature of form is duality: growth and decay, pain and pleasure, birth and death. So it seems fitting that freedom is trying to rearrange form; our inner thoughts and outer circumstance in order to achieve peace.

If we look a little bit deeper, it becomes evident that peace attained in the manner above is always fleeting, as circumstances continually change and challenge the consistency of our experience. Granted, if we had enough resources to experience something new each day and throw money at our anxieties, we may be able to dodge and elude the pain that comes with the reality of un-fulfillment. Even that is not a sure way, as there are many examples of people that “have it all” and cannot derive a consistent peace from it.

But can we really call this freedom and peace? If it is here today and gone tomorrow, and needs to be always maintained through an effort to retain and reject? This leads to aggression, separatism, and the desire to protect at all costs.

How can this be the freedom and peace that loves unconditionally and sees Spirit in all things, yet is based on conditions? This is the most difficult thing because it is the accepted norm to “go get it, make yourself happy, fight for what you want, be a winner, and your entitled to defend against ‘them’ who want to take it from you.”

One must stand completely and utterly alone internally while letting your outer life go on unimpeded, and turn away from seeking peace through things and inquire: Who am I in spite of thought and the fulfillment of body sensations? Only then does one stand a chance to discover the Impenetrable Fortress Within, that is your true nature and is peace itself not dependent on outer or inner phenomenon.

Question: Why does there seem to be so many different teachings, spiritual paths etc.? What puts a seeker on the path and what determines the uniqueness?

What makes up the trajectory for the different teachings and modes of learning on the spiritual path is the movement from the outer to the inner. What acts as a catalyst to start one on the path, is the experience of conflict. This conflict is often first seen outwardly among things, people, relationships etc. when we are young. As one keeps on looking it is revealed that this conflict is also manifesting inwardly and serves as the cause for the outer.

There is a sense of urgency that fuels a person once one sees the immensity of this conflict. From here, one may ask is it possible to be free of conflict internally, while navigating an outer world where pain seems like the norm. Thus, the spiritual seeker is born.

This starts to draw the aspirant inward. This journey from the outer to the inner most center, makes up the innumerable parts of the path and manifests according to an individual’s personal predispositions. These dispositions are what create the diversity of temperaments, and serve as the obstructions that guard the gate to Grace. Nevertheless, these temperaments are not unique as they are a result of the collective human consciousness, and manifest individually as ego.

Question: Atreya, what is free will and what is its purpose?

Free will is the intention of awareness that has the whole force of the universe behind it. When awareness is identified with form, it puts its force behind the preservation of bodies and thoughts. In this state there is an exclusive “me” that feels it has many choices, paths, options, worries, and decisions to make.

Sometimes the persona drops away for second and there is a glimpse of our true nature-pure awareness as the observer of the “me.” This can happen through many different avenues-an experience that takes our breath away or “mind away.” Something beautiful, or something painful.

On rare occasions, the “me” becomes absolutely one-pointed and obsessed with using its free will to discover that state as a permanent condition. Free will then turns into intense inquiry, which leads to deep surrender, which leads to the annihilation of free will itself. Leaving all that is left: Intense Un-manifested Awareness.

Actions are still performed in this state, and from the outside a person may look completely normal “like everyone else.” But on the inside there is nothing but concept-free space; and actions are performed spontaneously without any sense of doer-ship or attachment to the outcome. It is like falling asleep on a plane and arriving at your destination hours later without feeling any connection to the many actions that took place to get you there. There is no center that cares whether it arrives or the whole thing goes up in flames. Consciousness is always home and has no exclusive connection to the mind or body.

Atreya Thomas

Question: So many times I have heard teachers say that pleasure is not happiness. How could this be? I am very happy when experiencing pleasure! What do you think Atreya?

Happiness is your true nature; as your true-self is unchanging and unaffected by sense phenomenon, hence always in a state of bliss. When the mind goes out through the senses it experiences objects through taste, touch, etc. When we experience pleasure, we are actually experiencing the bliss of the true-self. When a person becomes fulfilled, the mind becomes quiet for that moment. It is this stillness in thought that allows for the mind to retract and return to its source. Therefore, it is not the object at all that is the cause for happiness, but rather the quietness of mind that comes with fulfillment.

So the great illusion is this: that the object of pleasure is the cause for happiness. In reality, it is the cessation of thought in the moment of fulfillment that allows us to experience happiness, bliss, love.

A little more investigation into the matter will reveal that the nature of all true spiritual teachings is to break the illusion of happiness through objects-conceptual (thought) and physical (body senses). Thus, placing the seeker back on the natural organic throne of eternal bliss!

Question: What path is best to expedite my awakening? I practice yoga, read a lot etc. Thanks a lot!

The yoga of exclusive devotion is the straightforward path. To go directly to the Final Cause of All and create a secret love relationship with that source. At first we infer it through its effects. Just like the wind in the trees, we cannot see it but we can infer its existence by the swaying of the tree.

Then, we solely devote our self to surrendering every action, every thought and every sensation to that subtle Cause that still remains elusive. The intensity of devotion to empty oneself and surrender one’s personal will determines the pace towards the revelation and the descending of grace. Which unites the individual with the One.

Question: How does one navigate “conscious” dating and relationships while remaining on the spiritual “path?”

Consciousness in relationship is to be in relationship with the Source within that person, while discarding the details of his or her personality. Everything we want is normally along an exclusive line as we have demands and expectations, repulsions and desires.

Bend your love towards the Lord of All; and it will not be the person you love but the Lord within them. This is perfect relationship without a “me” that by design creates struggles and suffering.

When you sacrifice your personality to the Source of all things, through constant forfeiture; the personality is then under the dictatorship of that intelligence but has no exclusive existence.

If you surrender any vested interest in your life, you won’t have to do anything as the best most perfect intelligence will do everything for you. That’s the leap: Knowing you are taken care of in the absence of the “me.” Therefore, offering yourself as a living sacrifice to That.

Then it is only That having a relationship with That.

Question: Why do you explain your teaching as a prayer for death?

This teaching is a prayer for death, because one must actually come in contact with that purifying flame that wipes clean the dispositions of the mind and reveals the ground or absolute. These dispositions are the tendencies of the exclusive me or ego that finds its identity in “I am the body and mind.” Giving rise to suffering.

When one realizes that it is “me” that stands in the way, that same “me” cries out and offers itself as a living sacrifice to the Source or Lord of All.

As ego incarnate:

“I am not here to stand but to kneel.
I am not here to be fulfilled but emptied.
I am not here to begin but to end.
I am not here to gain but to lose.
I am not here to live but to die:
You can have me.”

Grace is what fills the body once you have emptied it.

It was Always You

Do not carry the world on your shoulders, balance the world on your shoulders. Hold a galaxy in the palm of your hand; bring rain where it is dry and light where it is dark.
Give yourself over to peace and love so completely that you become the balancing principle in the material and mental world. It was always you….it was always You.

-Atreya Thomas


Yoga is the marriage and perfect balance of the flow of abstract energy through the concrete aspect of life. When one realizes that they are the Balancing Principle, the intention then becomes to take full responsibility to bring this energy to the front of their body; knowing that to balance their own life is the greatest act that helps others.

-Atreya Thomas

“Love Light in Flight”

One must actually come in contact with the purifying flame that wipes clean the dispositions of the mind and reveals the ground or Absolute. These dispositions are the tendencies of the exclusive me or ego that finds its identity in “I am the body and mind.” Giving rise to suffering.

When one realizes that it is “me” that stands in the way, that same “me” cries out from the belly of the whale and offers itself to the Source or Lord of All. This contact with the Final Cause is what bestows the grace that finally makes the break from mind/body identification.Then one comes back to the front of their body knowing they are Eternity by the strength of experience and fearlessly embodies their humanity as Love’s Light in Flight.

-Atreya Thomas